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VEPro7 - After update cannot recognize server


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Cubase 10 may have black listed, you will have no problems uninstalling VEpro then reinstalling, also the same with cubase once installed again it will just pick up any files you created and used,

Just make a note of the folders you first installed into, do a (save as) in cubase the same with VEpro if you are going to uninstall and reinstall then just title a test project in VEpro then open cubase using a saved file, (option) if you want, or just open cubase as normal and see if it picks up VEpro it should work


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Thanks, I might try a reinstall however nothing is blacklisted & all instances show in all projects. VEPro7 loads up fine too. Maybe this has to do with the last Win 10 update?


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Thanks, unfortunately VEP says it's can't find or connect to it after all these years of being able to.


Sorry, currently there is a lot going on, so I had not the time to read everything in this thread, but here are some general things to troubleshoot the issue / most common issues:

1. Make sure you have entered a Server name and "Advertise on local network" is checked

2. Check if Apple Bonjour Service is running

3. Check the Firewall Settings and make sure Bonjour and VEP are not blocked by your the Windwos Firewall (and in the 3rd party Firefwall / the one in your 3rd party AV)

4. If you are using Windows and have trouble with networked instances, make sure that the network is set to "private network" and private network discovery is enabled.


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Hi Ben, I checked all those points yesterday. I'm going to restore older backups & see if that does the trick. I haven't changed any of my system settings. I still think it might be due to these Win updates. Could be a conflict or change with plugins I've installed in the past few months since VEP was working properly too. Thanks for your help.


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Hmm same issue started here with me as well.

StudioPro 5
Macbook Mid 2012
Latest OSX, latest VEPRO on both machines, latest StudioPro version

Works normally on new projects works on all already connected instances, works in Logic on all situations... but right now I'm building a new template in StudioOne and every time I add a new Vepro plugin I need to manually type in the server IP to connect (after I do everything works as expected, but server not on the list anymore)... Stopped working overnight, for now, I see the issue only on the template project...


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I've been experiencing similar problems with Logic & PC slave since updating to v7. Check you have only one network port running - I found that possibly running WiFi as well as ethernet caused the instances to not show. Although I suspect it may be a Logic specific problem, since sometimes the instances show in Bitwig but not Logic.


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Hi Everyone,
I have encountered similar issues with Nuendo since the update to v7 (October 2019). Except for a few really rare sessions, most of the time I need to manually type in the server IP address to connect, then a few instances of VEP randomly disconnect, it may take five minutes or three hours ... makes me crazy.
Master is a PC / Windows 10 pro.
Slave 1 is a server / Windows 10 pro.
Slave 2 is a PC / Windows 10 pro.
All Ethernet.


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I had the same problem, but it was fix. The way it worked. Update to Vienna Instruments & Vienna Ensemble Software 6.5 (macOS) build 18945.Updated ensemble instead of VEP7 Translate with a translator



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Thank you. Another information I noticed.

Also, a laptop-like machine with wifi and LAN connects the LAN before turning it power on, and also connects Wifi after startup.
And make it recognized by Vep7. and Try Vep reconnecting as well.
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I just got the same issue.
VEP 7.0.1056 (iMac 2015) does not list instances running on either Mini 2012 or Mini 2020 (Rosetta). Have to enter IP and instance manually.
Firewalls are off, advertise on local networks checked as usual...


I’m still using VEP 6 on Mac. I notice that all the problems seem to be on PC. Is anybody getting it on Mac?
I had been experiencing the same problem in the past few hours on two Macs with the latest Vepro 7. It was painful because I couldn't find any obvious or reasonable causes.

I finally gave up on messing with the network and Vepro and turn my suspicion to my DAW, which is Cubase. I closed Cubase and opened Reaper, the Vepro server miraculously appeared. I then closed Reaper and opened Cubase again, the Vepro server appeared, too.

So, my advice is to stop doubting yourself. Sometimes you can do everything right and the server just won't appear, and sometimes it just does. When it happens, grab yourself a coffee and wait for it to go away.

I still don't know if it's a Cubase issue or a Vepro issue though.


You guys can actually update VEP? I’m on 7 and I get a pop up to update it but every time I try it never completes the update when I restart the program

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You guys can actually update VEP? I’m on 7 and I get a pop up to update it but every time I try it never completes the update when I restart the program
A reboot often helps in that case (which the installer usually wants you to do at the end).


A reboot often helps in that case (which the installer usually wants you to do at the end).
I did not restart my Mac after installed the latest Vepro 7 and went straight to Cubase to do a test. Maybe that's the problem? That could explain why the server appeared after I closed and restarted Cubase. Restarting Cubase somehow reset something in my computer.
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