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Vepro templates, a crazy thought


You know, with all of us using Vienna ensemble pro, I’m surprised no one thought of aggregating and sharing templates.

Recently, rethinking my overall templates, I got the thought that I wanted each library I owned completely loaded, purged, disabled in vepro with the automation set up to control enabling and volume. One lib per project.

It’s such a pita to do this, and time consuming.


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True that.

I would gladly share my template with you. What DAW do you use? If Cubase, I could send you both VEP projects as well as Cubase track presets, then you just connect the two.

What libs do you use? Hollywood orchestra among others maybe? I have all 4 H-libs set as a patch per track.


edit: Jason Graves shared his template along with vep projects on patreon. Maybe you share some libs with him. I could send you those as well.
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This is not a crazy thought ... it is a good idea. But keep in mind that:

- folks will have different libraries and will need to customize any shared template
- some folks have channel-per-artic and others put the entire (multi-artic) instrument on a single instrument
- different busing and FX
- different control methods - KS, Lemur

This topic has appeared occasionally on VI-C. It would be good to establish a repository of VEP templates, but be prepared to customize. Some templates for Reaper have been shared as well.


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I think the bigger problem is that there are so many settings, combinations and workloads that customizing another person's template leads to more work than creating one from scratch.
Btw: there are already some commercial templates ready to use with a lot of supported libraries.


@shomynik what I'm talking about is something more universal then relating to any one daw. I'm thinking vepro projects that contain all the sound sources from a library loaded up and assigned channels. You'd still have to setup your daw, obviously. I realize that instal locations differ so it might not work migrating systems to systems.
@Ben didn't know this
@BlackDorito templates shared where? just curious
@givemenoughrope the whole point was to buy a lib already setup in vepro, then open a project disabled to avoid having to go through the trouble. still need to populate the daw, but no biggie.

I have been rethinking my setup to have the ability to go multi mic where all mics go out their own output- Close, Room, Far and into the daw that way as stereo pairs. Loaded disabled with the automation setup to remotely enable. This should be a global hardwired feature in VEPro to some midi cc that can be user defined in pref's, don't know why it isn't. I think I can adapt an 'all mics in' setup to unload the mics I don't want. So if I don't need the extra room mic's I just either disable or unload the samples and there's no cpu or memory hit.

I think for orchestral templates, it would be useful to load an entire library, but only enable the channels you need for that cue. For more specialty libraries, sure, you want to cherry pick, but having an 'all loaded' would mean you could avoid menu diving. I've found sometimes having the sounds right there means I get results I wouldn't otherwise get.
I've always built purpose templates for shows, and modified along the way, but every show has had it's own set of sounds.

Another good feature that would compliment would be the ability to copy channels between projects. I know you can save out channel sets, but a copy/paste feature would allow you to cherry pick from your 'all loaded' to a smaller custom project the channels you only wanted in a new template. I know they allow this for their own player, but not for 3rd party stuff.

Anyhow, I might learn thing or two from how others organize their Vepro projects.


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Anyhow, I might learn thing or two from how others organize their Vepro projects.
I would try things out now and make thoughts on how I want my template to work, but wait for the release of VEP7 to start building it.


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You want mine? Not sure it will help but you can have it. The same way I go through a new library and try all the patches I’d prefer to set my own vepro stuff just so I have a working idea of where everything is and how everything works, how it’s labeled/abbreviations, etc. bc inevitably there will be some minor snag or bad sample or something. But once I’m back in front if my rig I can take screenshots, etc.
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