VEPro 7 now available!

Nick Batzdorf

I'm very curious to see what the "effects from Vienna Suite" will be. A bit of EQ and compression optimized for orchestral content, even if with limited programmability
Vienna Suite has some really good effects. The original reverb was extremely good, and I believe they updated it.


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It’s getting pretty hard to be a satisfied VSL customer. Innovation seems to have given way to nickel-and-diming customers.

Between VE Pro 6 being released not that long ago, the machine licensing changes in VE Pro 7, rehashed “Synchronized” old libraries, and the corporate silence following the debacle (disaster, really) that was Synchron Strings, I’m definitely not going to be handing more money to the folks in Vienna anytime soon, if ever.


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Ahh, ok
Sorry I just read he put 75+45+45=165
Thought it said: 75+45+45+165

Had a language class a little over an hour ago when I had written this and a good ol' boi is asking about speccing a Dual-server and Master PC Environment for Pro Audio..

So switches switches switches... letters and grammar!

My apologies ;)
That's definitely more than the usual 3 license upgrade. I'm trying hard to keep liking VSL but this and their "loss protection" program tells me not to buy in to VSL anymore. For what it was originally used for does the single license really make sense?


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For what it was originally used for does the single license really make sense?
If I understand this correctly, the single license (and the new pricing scheme) makes sense for studios that have one VEPro server. In other words, those with smaller systems will pay less than under the old scheme while those with larger systems will pay more.


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We'll all be using the new players from OT & SF soon, and those may not work (for long) in VEP6, so for those of us who need VEP for our setups, will really be obligated to upgrade. If the new features aren't there in Vep7, VSL will have made lots of people unhappy.


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Here’s to hoping NKS will be incorporated into VEPro 7 so the Lightguide will work with Kontakt instruments hosted in VEPro on a networked Machine (and Local). Not sure that’s even possible but it would be rather great.

Also... will Cubase’s Asio Guard and VEPro 7 finally play nice together?


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does anybody remembers the price of the upgrade from 5 to 6? having three computers I think the move to individual licenses is a very hard pill to swallow
Bought v5 in 2014 for $245 (Sweetwater) and upgraded to v6 in 2016 for $76.50 (JRRShop). Those were the best deals I could find back then, so there may be some minor price discrepancies compared to the current list price.

VEPro is by far my favorite piece of software and I couldn't do what I do without it. Not gonna pretend I'm not upgrading eventually but it would be nice if they included in the announcement a comprehensive list of features of the product they expect us to pre-order. They also need to be 100% clear if our current licenses will remain active after upgrading. It wouldn't make sense otherwise.

All in all, it sounds like a great deal for newcomers, especially considering the newly integrated effects. Vienna Suite Pro is often overlooked but it's a solid set of tools and very resource friendly, so that's something to keep in mind if/when you are working with high track counts.

Also, fingers crossed for VST3 support and the ability to raise any plugin channel via MIDI.


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I think the current licenses don´t work for v7. If you go from v6 to v7 and you have three computers using the server app you have to pay 165 Euros. Unless I am reading it wrong


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hmm. I must admit I'm a little turned off by their change in license policy, making it very expensive to upgrade if you are using more then one VEP server. I am not, but still I might later. When I bought VEP part of my consideration was that the purchase price included a few VEP servers. Suddenly now it will cost almost as much to upgrade all three server licenses as buying it outright. Typical for VSL though to do something like that. Aren't we used to that by now?

I do not need Epic Orch. I do not need Vienna Suite..though I think that should have been built into VEP a long time ago, so I think that's a great idea they are adding it. I just don't really need it as I have many other FX I can use.

So.. VEP7 will need to have some other new compelling and significant features for me to consider upgrading it, especially for the price they are charging for it. We shall see.