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VEP7 What's new and improved (v7.0.877- 2019-07-17)


Here is a summary of whats new and improved in VEP7:

1) New added fx plugins from the Vienna Suite Pro
  • Analyser Pro
  • Compressor Pro
  • Equalizer Pro
  • Exiter Pro
  • Limiter Pro
  • Matrix Mixer Pro
  • Surround Balance Pro
  • Surround Pan Pro
Screenshots: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Vienna_Software_Package/Vienna_Suite_PRO#!Gui

These are some fine and good sounding plugins, all having support for surround sound. They have small GUIs in the insert slot in the Mixer View so you can see for example the EQ curve without opening the plugin.

2) [Still in BETA] AU3 with support for 48 MIDI ports per instance.
3) [Still in development] VST3 Hosting
4) The VST3 plugin of VEP now supports program changes
5) 32-bit support was dropped for Mac due to 3rd party framework restrictions (still working on Windows)
6) [BETA] VEP Control App (iOS, Android and Windows will follow soon). More info: https://www.vsl.co.at/en/Vienna_Ensemble_Pro#!VM1_App
6b) VM1 helper app for Windows systems

7) Automation Improvements
a) Parameters get automaticly named, which are synchronized with the DAW
b) new automation selection popup with search field
c) Instance disabling improved and now automatable
d) Folders can be disabled (also automatable)
e) Drag'n'Drop of MIDI values for automation window (Alt-Shift-Drag increments CC, Alt-Ctr-Drag increments channel)

8) Plugin Managing Improvements
a) New plugin selection popup with search bar
b) Improved Plugin Manager (favorite list, deactivate seperate plugins you don't need in VEP, rescan single plugins that crashed during scan)
c) Improved plugin scan (faster, VEP won't crash if a plugin crashes)
d) Icons and context-menu to add Synchron (Piano) Player just with one click

9) Misc Improvements
a) Matrix and Articulation Display for Vienna Instruments and Synchron Player in Mixing View
b) Vertical Instance list option
c) Channels can be copied and pasted (Ctr-c / ctr-v)
d) Disabled Instances using less CPU
e) Per instance CPU usage display and Midi / audio activity indicators in instance list
f) Optional System Color Picker
g) Ctr-Shift-S and Ctr-Shift-Alt-S for saving server projects
h) Improved and faster server discovery and connection / disconnection
i) Faster saving times of server isntances over network
j) Improved loading time
k) Import selected instances from server save file
l) View -> Reset Windows (resets VEP windows to default size / location)

(Edit: new features of v7.0.877 added)
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You can now test VEP without having an eLicenser dongle or installing the eLicenser software:
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