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VEP Pro Setup for existing template


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Hi fellow composers...

just a very quick question.
I have quite a bigtemplate in cubase right now (around 700 tracks filling almost 55gb of RAM)
If i decide to go for VEP and get one slave would

1) one gamers laptop (32gb very fast) be ok?
2) is that possible without completly building the template from ground up again?
3) how much time do you think do i need to spend :)

ok three questions, oh my ...

thx for any tips tricks and suggestions!

Jeremy Spencer

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1) If you get a properly spec's laptop, it will work fine for a master. You could even go 16GB, as all the "heavy lifting" would be on the slave.

2) No. Once you add VEPro, you'll need to build it all from scratch.

3) If you're new to VEPro, it will take some time as you'll need to figure out which method works best for you (routing, etc).

What DAW are you running?


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I love VEPro... and I certainly do not wish to discourage anyone, but point #3 above should be highlighted, underscored, and printed in a very large typeface.

The beauty of VEPro is that it will work pretty much no matter how you like to do things.

The danger of VEPro is that until you finally figure out how you like to do things you may spend a considerable chunk of time in a rabbit warren.

There were two on-line courses I took when I got started - one from Groove3 (I think) and the other from ThinkSpace (pretty sure.) They only confused me!

At first...

After a month or so of just exploring by myself I revisited both (and now I'm pretty sure I'm right about the companies) and everything sort of clicked into place. Not to suggest I'm not still learning, and I am still running on a single Windows machine (that'll finally change this spring).

It really is a remarkable tool!


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On point 3:

Totally agree with wst3 - it's a rabbit hole.

What I did was create a plan of my setup - spend 1-2 days writing on paper, sketching out what my routing would best be like - what do I need, how do I achieve it? Reading up some online things, researching how others used VEP (which brought some ideas, and caused sometimes more confusion).

In the end - I went with "my own style", which pretty sure is similar to many others - but mostly because I made some decisions (e.g. I want to make my balance in VEP and not in the DAW) etc.etc. So - If you sketch out your template and routing - I think you can save a ton of frustration and time.
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omg...i think i stay in the hole ;)
thx so far for all the advices!
i have to think about this really.
BTW i use cubae 9.5


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I go back and forth on slaves or just a single machine. I am back to single machine again. It is just cleaner to me to run like that, and eliminates a lot of headaches of managing multiple connections/computers.

700 tracks is good size, but are you using them all at the same time? I dont tend to work that way. I think when the time comes to replace my master, I will just stay with a single beefy machine that is well designed, maintained, and backed up.

I have not had good luck with laptops and real-time audio, ever. Even my MacBook Pro is not a preferred machine. I can buy/build a much nicer desktop machine for the cost of a Laptop. A really nice one for the cost of my MacBook Pro (was over $3k).

edit: I also run Window 10 and Cubase 9.5


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For perspective - I have two slaves.

Mostly because my main machine wasn't as beefy (i3-4150 and 16GB of RAM) and I happen to been able to repurpose on of my homeservers as a slave (i3-4150 and 32GB RAM). then I came around a nice refurbished machine (i7-7700, 16GB RAM) which replaced my old main rig - which made it of course free to use as second slave.

So all in all - I don't have the almighty beefy machines, but less beefy ones, but more of them. I like that way of work - my whole template neatly loaded and everything set up for me ready to go. I run Digital Performer (previously Sonar and StudioOne before that).

So for me, slaves where a means to enable me to work with less beefy hardware, without clicks or pops and good latency without relying on some bouncing/freezing workflow - it always threw me out of my momentum when composing or trying stuff out. with the old i3 I could barely run 3 section simultaneously ;)


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I found myself trying to use slaves because I had machines laying around doing nothing. I have since moved to using my Slave1 machine for live performance with a Multi-Touch screen monitor. Slave2 is just back to being idle. I will probably use it to replace my backup/storage machine which is an old 2600k (my first real DAW machine back in the day)

Master = Windows 10 Pro - i7-6950x - 64GB Ram
Slave1 = Windows 10 Pro - i7-5960x - 64GB Ram
Slave2 = Windows 10 Pro - i7-3930k - 32GB Ram

Of course...all the high core count doesnt do much good with the 14core limitation on Cubase. I do not use hyper-threading on anything now. I wanted to buy an 18core i9. No point in doing that at this time.
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