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Velocity "compression" of loud / soft samples


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This is something I've been trying to do for a while, and finally found a simple way of doing it -

I have a lot of Kontakt libraries (for example, pianos and some percs) which have a really wide dynamic range so transitioning from soft to loud playing results in huge volume difference. Generally I've been using a compressor to mitigate this, but of course it's a pretty heavy handed way of smoothing out dynamics and affects the entire audio signal, not just specific loud/soft notes: so if you have a mix of soft playing with loud accents, it doesn't work very well.

Solution I found is digging into the instrument in Kontakt, and attaching velocity to volume with a downward slope. Nice thing is that this is happening on the sample level, instead of using a compressor like i was before.


1) click the wrench in Kontakt
2) click the Group Editor tab and "Edit All Groups"
3) in the Mod section, select External Source / Velocity and draw your curve

Some NI instruments do seem to have a dynamic range parameter that sounds like it does something similar. Wish this was a standard thing other developers implemented on the main panel!


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