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Hello everyone.

I am re-doing some of my templates and this includes re-arranging how I'm grouping sample libraries in instances of Kontakt within VE Pro. I could do this in many different ways...create instances that have similar patches, create instances that have all patches of a particular library, etc. etc. etc. Soooo, rather than just do it like I always have I thought I'd see how everyone else does it.

Thanks in advance for the inspiration. :)



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Hi jmauz,
I'm in the same situation. I tried VEP7 AU3 in order put more than only 16 instruments in 1 instance. It's nice to have a whole spitfire library in one instance but I want to be able to mute/solo/automate my Logic tracks independently in the Logic arrange window and that I only get when I'm using the 16 aux channels approach. So, basically, my goal would be to have VEP instances each dedicated to one spitfire library, with more than 16 instruments, that still act as individual tracks in Logic instead of a multi-timbral instrument (up to 127 instruments with AU3) with only one mute/solo/automation control for all the tracks.
Anyways, let me know how you decided to organize your instances and if you see a solution to my problem. Maybe I just didn't get the concept of the multi-timbral approach, but somehow 127 tracks don't help me much, if I can't control them individually.
Best, Patrik


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I am fine-tuning my "taxonomy", but the solution I am trying create is:

One instance of VEPro per major-category - within that instance I will have one or more Kontakt instances, each loaded with up to sixteen instruments, based on minor-category and developer. Each Kontakt instance will have multiple outputs, typically one per instrument, although that is not always necessary.

Needless to say this is creating quite a few audio channels, so some pre-mixing within VEPro may be necessary, especially for libraries where I need to load multiple NKIs to cover multiple articulations.

I will post an example or two as soon as I figure out an easy way to do so. In the meantime, my organization by major and minor categories looks like this (today):
Strings - Section, Solo, Ensemble
Winds - Section, Solo, Ensemble
Brass - Section, Solo, Ensemble
Horns - Section, Solo
Stringed - Guitars, Slides, Basses, Bluegrass, Other
Keys - Grands, Uprights, Prepared, Electric, Organs, Others
Synths - Emulations, Originals
Percussion - Kits, Tuned, Solo, Ensemble, Hand, Other
Experimental & Effects

Percussion is proving to be the biggest challenge, I have a LOT of percussion libraries.

Under stringed I had a bunch of sub-categories, but found it easier to lump fiddle, banjo, and mandolin (and variations on those) into one category. I may eventually split them out.

The rest I'm pretty happy with at the moment.

Some libraries fit this model better than others.

For example, Cinesamples provides one master patch for each instrument in their Core and Pro libraries. Really handy arrangement. Chris Hein allows you do create a similar instrument in his advanced settings. 8Dio tends to split instruments by articulation, which is not categorically bad, but it does use up slots. I've tried using various tools to aggregate them, but that did not work out really well within VEPro, I will probably take a swing at that again once I have everything loaded.

I don't know if that helps or hinders, but there you go...


I'm still experimenting with this as well, my system is not perfect yet. and I keep improving it as I go along, but so far I found this is the best workflow:

Strings \ Ensembles, Sections, Solo

Brass \ Ensembles, Sections, Solo

WW\ Ensembles, Sections, Solo, Ethnic Winds

Voices\ Choir - Men, Woman - Children \Solo Voices\

Chromatics\ Mallets, Keys, Harps, Plucked, Ethnic

Percussion\ Epic Drums, Hits, Ethnic Drums, Basic Drum Sets, Basic Shakers, Basic Orchestral general patches.

Band Sketching\ Basic sketching Guitars \ Basic Bass\ Basic Synth (Basic sketching sounds from each synth Category)

as for the SFX, and custom instruments I found it's best to create instrumental tracks directly on DAW.

Many VEP instruments I use only for sketching, once I'm happy with the general sound I replace them with instrument tracks with proper patches and settings.

I still struggle with grouping the Audio Outputs in VEP in a comfortable manner.