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Hi all,

I'm having to downsize quite a bit as moving to the next chapter of family life! Exciting times for me, but also means I need to remove a lot of un-used things quite fast. These prices are as they will stay, but PM/DM me a sensible offer and we can talk, as always!

PayPal as usual and check out my previous threads for past transactions, been selling (and buying!) on here for many years

Desert Winds - SOLD

(I accept it's bad timing, with the Group Buy on...!)
Passion Flute - £40/$55
Mesa Winds - £20/$30

Expansions/Play Series: (£18 for the lot)
Soul Sessions (Kontakt Play Series) - £10/$14
Rising Crescent (Expansion) - £5/$7
Aquarius Earth (Expansion) - SOLD
Stadium Flex (Massive Expansion) - £3/$5
Spectrume Quake (Massive Expansion) - £3/$5

Stay safe!

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