Valhalla Room settings for orchestral mock-ups

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if any Valhalla Room users have any ideal settings for an orchestral mock-up. With EW Spaces 2 I had normally a hall reverb with different amounts on every section, and then an instrument specific reverb for the instruments. So e.g. Dortmund hall bus on Strings stack, and then a strings reverb on the strings.

I'm planning on getting Val Room and finally ending my Composer Cloud subscription, so I was wondering what's a good way to set up a template with this reverb. I know there is a lot to consider such as:

- Longer decay on the front sections and shorter on the back of the orchestra?
- Same decay but different amounts of % bussed on different sections?
- More pre-delay on certain sections/instruments?
- What about having more than one instance of reverb on each section like with EW Spaces (hall reverb + instrument specific reverb)

Anyone got their own favourite settings? Thanks in advance!