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Valhalla DSP Delay Effect Now Available !

Rob Elliott

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While I like their products the issue with automating the vintage verb in Cubase 10.x (bringing Cubase's GUI to its knees) (w7) made that plug unusable for me. Hopefully that will not be an issue with this next delay iteration.


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Echoboy is a superb delay, full of lots of old style emulations of lots of units and a lot of flexibility mixed in, with that "analogue" touch that Soundtoys do so well. A bread and butter plugin for me.

Not sure if we know too much about the Valhalla delay at the moment, if he's going retro or modern with it?

Either way, if you're thinking of Echoboy and can afford it, I doubt you'll be disappointed.


Big NKS Fan !
Hmmmm…… Luv Valhalla _ anything !
No doubt Echoboy is top-notch, but already using Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro.
Valhalla Intro ~$50. ? Likely gonna wait.


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Maybe some more cool video posts, showing the upcoming Valhalla DSP Delay Effect in action while we wait for the release :)
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