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V.I Instrument database! What do you play?


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Nothing any longer due to multiple RSIs, hence why I'm finally getting into VIs!! Used to play guitar, piano, sax, and a little trombone.


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Drums, bass, guitar, organ, recorder, melodica, piano.

None of them particularly well I might add.

Dear Villain

Coffee before music
Percussionist: spoons, in particular. I've been known to crank out some pretty mean beats for a stadium full (ok, a table full) of oatmeal-eating music lovers. I've had to recently retire my spoons after crusted on oatmeal was impossible to remove. I've begun producing my brand of kitchen clang-werks using Spitfire's BBS (Big Beautiful Spoons, nothing to do with British people who use very tiny teaspoons). These virtual spoons are game changers, especially since they recorded them with 84 mics, some of which were placed on the floor next to the ceramic kitchen tiles, leading to a beautiful ressonance no other sample developer has been able to achieve with their spoon library.


I play Steel guitar, lap steel guitar and Dobro (resonator Square neck steel guitar) in a range from pop or progressive or contemporary over to more rootsy stuff like bluegrass, old-time, delta blues.

It's also fun for me to explore gypsy swing sounds on the Dobro as can be heard here


Guitar (electric & acoustic), Bass, Keys/Synth, Buchla Easel, Sax, Flute, Blues Harp, Dulcimer, and last but not least Zero Input Mixer.


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Classical pianist! Been playing for most of my life. I took some time off from serious study in my mid-twenties because of some health issues. I'm also a somewhat passable accordionist and am learning to play the guitar and the cajón.


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Hey all, I play keyboards and some guitar. And my PC. That has to be an instrument these days. It's the power cord and the knobs to my Rhodes clones, it's my Leslie for my virtual B3 (and so on). And whatever VST is needed for filling out the music. Cheers!


Keyboards, guitar (electric and acoustic), bass. A little bit of Shakuashi too
I had the opportunity to make an initiation to the harp and the Kora. I just love these instruments so bewitching. If I could I would play everything ^^

Jeff Tremblett

Guitar (elec and acoustic), electric bass, mandolin, octave mandolin, high and low tin whistles. A lot of metal and celtic styles!
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