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V.I Instrument database! What do you play?


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I'm mainly an electrical guitarist but i'd like to say that I play bad a lot of instruments (most bought during my trips around the world)



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I am a professional French Horn player.

I am a seasoned session player having performed on soundtracks for Disney, Marvel, and Pixar as well as with artists such as Sir Paul McCartney Robbie Williams, Mumford, and Sons, and Josh Groban to name a few. I have played with orchestras all across the globe including the London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Philharmonic, Hawaii Symphony (and many more) plus numerous Broadway shows and tours. I now do remote session work in all genres and styles but my niche is "epic" music and orchestral stuff for films, TV, and video games.

If anyone needs a French Horn for their project I am for hire!
I record stereo on two ribbon mics on Logic (I also studied audio engineering and producing at Berklee so I know how to deliver a quality recording!)
I have a quick turn around and can read music or play by ear to a MIDI track (I can also help compose your french horn parts too)

Feel free to contact me via m website at: https://www.meredithplayshorn.com/

I also contract virtual orchestras. Need an orchestra to play your piece? I can arrange virtual session musicians for you and deal with all the technical stuff while you focus on your composition!
My first post on this forum! And I'm so glad this thread exists, such a good idea.

I'm a professional saxophonist and keyboardist, and I also play/record clarinet, flute, guitar, and bass. I teach college piano and composition in Austin.

I record occasional percussion and vocal parts, but usually on my own silly projects!
- trumpet (main instrument)
- flügelhorn (main instrument)
- alt/tenor trombone
- tuba
- concert flute (a tiny bit)
- piano
- Hammond (badly!)
- synth
- computer with a load of sample libraries

Most important of all though, is the valuable musicians I know and have been fortunate enough to play with over the pas 30 years. No instrument or library beats being able to play with other, likeminded human beings!

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