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V.I Instrument database! What do you play?

Evan Gamble

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I guess we might as well start a list. Just place your name and what instrument is available for you too play/record. I'll start...

Herman Witkam

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Updated march 8th '05

reeds: Armenian Duduk, Zurna, Turkish Mey
flutes: Armenian Shvi, Turkish recorder
strings: Turkish Baglama Saz,
percussion: Darbuka/Dumbek, Riq, Framedrum

flutes: Xiao, Dizi
reeds: Suona, Guanzi, Bawu, Sheng, Hulusi
strings: Yuequin

reeds: Been (snake charmer), Shehnai
flutes: Shiva whistle
percussion: Tabla (basic)

flutes: Suling, Banuri
reeds: Khaen
percussion: Calung, Kluwak, Dan Moi (jaw harp)

flutes: Quena, Tarka, Moceno, Rondador & Malta panpipes, Native American Spirit flute
reeds: Xaphoon
percussion: Cajon

flutes: Ney (Egyptian),
reeds: Egyptian Mijwiz, Morrocan Gaita
percussion: Balophon, Djembé, Maroccan Bendir, Maroccan Conga, Nigerian Udu, Nigerian Logdrums

flutes: Baroque Recorders (treble, alto, tenor, bass), Irish/Celtic Low Whistles & Tin Whistles, Bulgarian Dvoyanka and Duduk whistles, ocarinas, misc. whistles & flutes
reeds: French Bombarde, treble Crumhorn, melodica, bagpipe chanter

guitars: electric, acoustic (steel & nylon), (5 string) bass guitar (finger or pick, no advanced slapping/popping).

For updates check out: http://www.herman-witkam.com/

Evan Gamble

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Here are some I'm transferring from the other thread...

Ned Bouhalassa- Electric Bass: (No popping/slap, though. Sorry )

IvanP -classical piano

Frankie Ho- classical guitar

Alex Pheffer- Acoustic/electric guitar

Scott Cairns - Native American Flute

Craig Sharmat -Acoustic/electric guitar

ToddK- Acoustic/electric guitar



Clay & plastic winds, and garbage fx. Percussion section?


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k, i can just fill in some more or less unprofessional skill of instruments:

xiao, tin whistle, really horrible and scratchy violin ...

besides that and as a main instrument i play: guitar ac/el and e-bass

as for the xiao, there is a little example around in a track i did for a game rest is RA by the way:
http://www.ankh-game.de/ (english version also available)

Alex Pfeffer was the name :)
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