UVI Workstation v3.0.8 bug (AU plug-in vs. standalone) with Reverb (always on, and at 100%)?

Mark Schmieder

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I did the v3.0.8 update a week or two ago, and started tracking with it last night. I checked for more recent updates just now, and there aren't any past that 9 November 2019 update.

This update is not honouring Reverb Mute or even Reverb Dry/Wet settings; the Reverb is always on at full blast no matter what I do, and regardless of which library I am working with (e.g. World Suite has more direct control than others, in its per-instrument GUI's).

Anyone else experiencing this? It does no good, to start a new instance of the plug-in, so I don't think it's a matter of stale settings of an existing plug-in instance not being compatible with some update to the plug-in itself.

It works fine in standalone mode, so maybe it's an automation issue, as I always have to turn automation off on all MIDI tracks to avoid snafus.

I'll see if I can narrow it down to that issue, as legacy projects sometimes self-update to all automation settings on, with the latest DP updates (10.0.1). This wasn't true previously (DP9 and prior) -- though I often had to turn off automation to avoid my CC7 volume settings being stepped on by the DAW. Not sure I'll have time to try this until after my day-long winery gig though.
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