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UVI Vouchers are out


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I’ve bought a ton of UVI stuff this year and this thanksgiving voucher ($10) is quite laughable. Not sure if anyone else had a similar experience.


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Check your spam/junk folders if you haven't gotten your UVI loyalty vouchers. They're valid to spend in the black friday sale this weekend.
Nothing in my inbox or my junk mail from UVI and I’ve bought quite a lot directly from them over the years. :sad:


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If you log into UVI , go to your account and there is a coupons/voucher tab. I didn’t receive mine via email. This is how I found it.
Thanks for the info, its a little hidden, but got it now (no mail either).

So Falcon + Thanksgiving=110 waiting for blackfriday deals :scout:, anyone knows when they usually start ?


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I just Bought Voklm with my voucher, looking forward to playing that in the morning, and looking into how the patches are built. Should go really well with my other purchases, string library and cinematic percussion library.
Definitely interested in your thoughts about ;)
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