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UVI Falcon, an Omni killer?


Now as for your revamping aspirations: bring it on! It may be obvious but I DO watch your videos haha! And you Sir are another one of my synth programming heroes! ❤️
Haha thank you! But yeah, the synth wars are definitely a bit mad, but to be expected with such a lot on the market! I'm also definitely a hoarder in that respect, but it's nice to have different synths you can dive in to whenever you feel. That being said, Omnisphere is definitely my go-to, and Eric is definitely a hero of mine too!
Also @tomwolfe Please keep sending presets to @Tatiana Gordeeva - I want her to do way more Pigments demos in 2022! ;)
Oh I will, without a doubt 🙂 her track Oceania is just incredible!


There's a bazillion filters. Did you realise you can click on the expander filter graph and it brings up a huge list of emulations to choose from. The filters in Falcon are all really musical and usable. I do wish there was a legato filter at layer level though that could have a triggered envelope on it.
Did you realize you quoted a post from 6 years ago where Falcon in its infancy maybe didn't have a bazillion filters? ;)
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