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Using VEP long term project file access worries


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I've been using Vienna Ensemble Pro since version 5 on and off, but have since moved on to presets rather than templates but it has always tempted me to go back to templates. I love the idea of having all my instruments loaded and ready to play, I mean, everyone likes that there's no question about that.

What worries me the most is the file format VSL uses for the VEP project files. They're obfuscated, binaries, unreadable—they should be xml or similar in my opinion!

I stopped using it when VEP 6 was released, not because of update or anything but for the mere fact that I changed my slave PC. So there I was, load a Cubase project and I didn't remember which static IP I assigned (which I found later on, but VEP wasn't nice enough to tell me which IP it was looking for) and then it couldn't tell me which instruments were in which instance because I changed directory structures.

That's fine, I mean that's my own fault obviously. But I'm thinking long term, what happens if I want to retouch a project I did 7 years ago? Freezing tracks doesn't work because I can't edit the midi tracks using the same instruments if I don't know which kontakt/vsl/play instrument VEP is trying to recall. You all know how hard changing instruments is, different CC1 reaction curve, etc

This scares me because I always go back to my old repertoire in case I need something for a project.

Anyone else scared by this on the long term?
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