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Using the Factory samples


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Can anyone point me towards info on properly using the factory samples? I feel like there may be more going on with some of them than my aimless clicking around. For instance, doesn't the '+' at the end of them indicate some kind of dynamic layering or articulation choice, etc?

Maybe I need to go back to the beginning and actually learn EXS24 from scratch. Its only been a decade+ of using it :roflmao:

Alex Fraser

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I think the "+" versions have multiple articulations (key switches).
If you load them as "patches" from the library, you'll get an articulation map (on the ones I tested anyway) to access the articulations. If you load directly into EXS24, creating a new articulation set will allow access to the articulations.


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Ah ha. I’ll have to experiment with both ways. I never load anything from the library per se, so I always forget it exists!
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