User experience Neanderthals Everywhere!


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I want to express my feelings for some user experience flaws of DAWs, plugins, instruments etc

I don't want to sound hyped or stupid but when I see: irritating user experience problems I get so mad! Like for example Reaper DAW, has some important popup messages hidden behind your current instrument etc.... and so for example , you have Kontakt open , you switch preset at it , and the confirmation pop up window is soo very hidden behind it that you must suffer to click it , if you ever click it by luck and only!!!

I just want to say that these kind of behaviors and flaws are soo discouraging and stupid that even an Neanderthal would have fixed. Companies want to remove people away of their software... so frustrating behaviors. wake up companies!!!!!! pfff, I cant deal with it no more loolllll. I will go grow plants instead of making music with digital DAWs


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Even Neanderthals would fix these for Christ sake! Companies that take your money and they don't even fix this, and they give you this for return. Nice 2019 and nice human evolution
I don’t know many Neanderthals who can code but quite often this is the common problem of musicians making tech. It’s kften designed with the user end as a second thought. Some of the things are a flaw with the platform, like kontakt, and part of it is not getting people good wit UI involved to make things more user friendly. I get your frustration, I just have grown used to this very common issue, and I don’t see a remedy for it any time soon.


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Everybody knows the Denisovans were more skilled coders than the Neanderthals.

Anyway, I'm reminded of a Louis CK bit about flying. We have this miraculous tech that enables us to do superhuman things, and still people ignore the miracle to complain about minor inconveniences. I know there's a magical orchestra in my computer on call 24/7, but I HAD TO CLICK TWICE when one click should have sufficed!!