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Upgrading from Komplete Ultimate to Standard?

Has anyone done this? I'm on 11 Ultimate but am only really interested in the updates to Kontakt and Massive X, seems like I can get these by going non-Ultimate for the upgrade to v12, but is there any downside to doing so? Presumably if NI stick to their current model I should still be able to step back up to Ultimate 13/14/15 in future as I'll still have my Komplete 11 Ultimate license... Just a bit nervous that I've missed something and will end up listed as only eligible for non-Ultimate pricing.


I went from KU10 to K12 but I think it let me do this because I'd upgraded K10 to K10U previously. So essentially I was upgrading my old K10 whilst keeping my K10U if that makes sense. I don't know if you can do this if you didn't start with the non-ultimate version though.


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My impression was that once you go ultimate, you can’t downgrade back, but sounds like Mornats may have done this. You may want to contact NI support.

Or you could purchase each update individually (50+75 at current sale prices). Slightly more than the 100 for the komplete update, but maybe more flexible in reselling once you upgrade your K11U next time.


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Thanks, I need to check as I've been in since komplete 2 (!) so probably do have a non-ultimate license from way back, imagine I won't get a reply from NI support before the sale expires so may have to risk it or miss out... Just don't want to find that my future ultimate upgrade is somehow removed by going back to standard.


Here's what it says when I try to upgrade to K12U:


So my upgrade from K10U to K12 normal hasn't affected my eligibility to upgrade my Ultimate.
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