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Update: My New Ryzen build .... so far



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Another quick update/Rant:

As I'm reinstalling all my VST and VSTi's and programs on to my new PC I am reminded of how much I loath the whole copyprotection developers insist on using. I'm literally at the point of taking note of the worst offenders just so that the next time I do this I will think twice before trying to install their software. There is absolutely no reason it should take all this time. I love what developers have been able to do for composers, however I think they are gullible and ignorant on how to protect their software. I know this could start a rat hole but I don't care. I am convinced that the amount of development time and energy and money spent implementing these practices actually costs them more money than what they would gain from customers who appreciate the developer who chooses to "trust" their customers. And just think about customers who would likely upgrade but don't because they are tired of the hassle. The number of pirates downloading your software does NOT equate to the number of sales lost. It just doesn't. What does equate to lost sales is annoying your paying customers with cumbersome install practices and, of course, poorly implemented VST/sample libraries. Please take note from companies like Reaper, who continue to grow by having an excellent product and the courage to "trust" their consumer base. OK back to another grueling week of installing more BS.
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