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Update & Additions to my custom made DAW Track Icons

Emmanuel Jacob

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Hello fellow composers. This is a small update and a small addition to the first package of my custom Track Icons. Cubase doesn't give you the option for batch importing Icons. That's why I included a project file, for every single collection with "track pictures" folder. Running it, will prompt for importing the pictures.
I'm sure you can use them with every DAW.

This time, I included 3 PSDs from OT's Berlin Series, in case you want to create your own. (Excuse any mess in those files, I'm not a designer).

You are completely free to share or edit. Any credits given will be greatly appreciated.

Updated v1.2
EJ Custom DAW Track Icons 1.2 (Update & Additions)

Old v1 (includes non labeled versions)
EJ Custom DAW Track Icons v1.0

Details in picture below...
Preview v1,2.jpg
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