Up to 85% off Beatskillz, Tone Empire, and EastWest, plus last chance for PSP, XLN Audio, and Sonible


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Up to 85% off Beatstillz, including Dark-KZ, Retro KZ, Soultastik KZ, Soultastik Drums, Breakdance Drums, Slam Dawg, and That Thing for under $10 each:

50% off Tone Empire Black Q, Goliath, and Loc-ness, now $39 each:

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Last day for up to 85% off PSP Nexcellence and HerzRider, now $19.99 each:

Last day for up to 45% off XLN Audio, including XO for $98 instead of $179.95:

Last day for up to 55% off Sonible smart:EQ 2 and smart:comp:


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Does anyone have any experience with their “that thing” plugin? Sounds interesting. It’s on sale for $29 at the moment.