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Up to 80% off iZotope, Mathew Lane, Overloud, TrainYourEars, Toontrack, Zynaptiq, Kilohearts, IK Multimedia, Nomad Factory, Stagecraft, MixVibes &more


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Up to 60% off the new iZotope Music Production Suite 4, Music Assistant Bundle, Neoverb reverb, Nectar 3 Plus, Upgrades, and Crossgrades:

44% off Mathew Lane StereoDelta2 spacial processor, now $39 instead of $69:

Up to 40% off new Overloud TH-U Fender, Fortin, and Mezzabarba rig libraries, starting at $19:

44% off TrainYourEars EQ Edition 2, now $49 instead of $89:

All Toontrack EZdrummer and EZkeys MIDI packs on sale for $23 each:

73% off Zynaptiq Pitchmap real-time polyphonic pitch editor, now $99 instead of $369:

70% off Kilohearts Multipass multiband snapin host, now $29 instead of $99:

IK Multimedia MixBox and Crossgrade with 70 plugins from T-RackS, AmpliTube, and SampleTank, starting at $149:

80% off Nomad Factory Magnetic II tape emulator, now $19.99 instead of $99:

60% off Stagecraft Vinyl Lab DJ interface for your DAW (including in DAW beat matching, browsing, and looping), now $19.99 instead of $50:

50% off MixVibes Cross DJ 4 Pro, now $75 instead of $149:

Up to 50% off Akai Underground Trap, Future Dimensions, Soul Provider 2, and Motif Alumni Trap Soul Edition MPC expansions, starting at $14.99:

30% off Serato Studio, now $139 instead of $199:

50% off all FXpansion BFD expansions and grooves:

85% off Air Music Tech Boom drum machine, now $14.99 instead of $99.99:

60% off GRM Tools Spectral Transform Bundle, now $79 instead of $199:

44% off Harrison Consoles AVA LegacyQ, now $39 instead of $69:

50% off limited edition Rob Papen Urban-X, EDM-X, and Sound Design-X bundles:

75% off Plug & Mix Pro Series Bundle, now $49 instead of $199:
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