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77% off Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe Audio Level Destroyer Plugin, now $29 instead of $129. Ending today:

Up to 90% off Beatskillz instruments, now $9 each:

60% off Eventide TriceraChorus, now $39 instead of $99:

70% off Boz Digital +10dB Compressor and Equalizer, now $29 each instead of $99 or get the bundle of both for $49:

36% off Cherry Audio DCO-106 Juno-106 plugin, now $25 instead of $39:

33% off Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Strings Pro:

40% off ZenDAW Wings Bitwig touch screen control software, now $29 instead of $49:

50% off Akai Jupiter Rising Roland Jupiter-8 MPC Expansion, now $19.99 instead of $39:

Up to 55% off Sonible smart:EQ2 and bundles:

60% off Stagecraft Universal Plug plugin wrapper, now $9.99 instead of $25:

62% off GRM Tools Creative Bundle, now $49 instead of $129:

44% off Harrison Consoles AVA Spectral Compressor, now $39 instead of $69:

Blue Cat Audio Late Replies delay on sale for $99:
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