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Up to 77% off Antares, Indigisounds, KResearch, Xhun Audio, Image Line, D16, Toontrack, IK Multimedia, WaveDNA, Tracktion, Beatskillz, Musiclab & more


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Up to 60% off Antares Auto-Tune Access, Harmony Engine EVO, and Mic Mod EFX:

Up to 77% off Indigisounds Indo-Caribbean, Laventille Rhythm Section, Soca Starter Pack, and Trinidad Steelpan, now $22 each:

Up to 72% off KResearch KR-Space $29 and KR-Imager STR $19:

Up to 66% off Xhun Audio, including ShineVerb for $19:

Up to 40% off Image Line plugins:

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Up to 74% off Toontrack EZkeys Upright Piano $39 and select EZkeys MIDI $10 each:

60% off IK Multimedia SampleTank, SampleTank MAX, and Upgrades:

Up to 60% off WaveDNA Liquid Music, Liquid Music Upgrade, and Liquid Rhythm:

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50% off Beatskillz SampleX, now $34.50 instead of $69:

Up to 50% off Synchro Arts ReVoice Pro, VocALign, and Upgrades:

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32% off Reveal Sound Spire, now $129 instead of $189:

Sale on all Voxengo:
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