Up to 71% off PSP, Newfangled Audio, DJ Swivel, MeldaProduction, and Xhun Audio, including PSP Twin-L for $20


Purveyors of musical dreams fulfilled
Day 17 of the PSP 20th Anniversary 20 for 20 sale with 71% off PSP Twin-L Dual Algorithm Classic Limiter, now $20 instead of $69 for today only:

50% off Newfangled Audio Elevate Mastering Bundle, now $99 instead of $199:

33% off DJ Swivel The Sauce vocal seasoner, now $99 instead of $149:

50% off MeldaProduction MModernCompressor, MMorph, MTurboReverb, and MUltraMaximizer, starting at $27:

50% off Xhun Audio Hot Circuits expansion for LittleOne, now $12.50 instead of $25: