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Underappreciated....the Cubase syths and HALion content


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Nobody really mentions this....but I'm finding that the Cubase packaged-synths and HALion content, GrooveAgent, etc. are really excellent in their own right.

When you get down to it, if I couldn't make/produce music by using only the factory content with Cubase (and it's plug-ins) then there's something wrong with me and my imagination.

(Sure....I have some favorite Wave plugs and others that I love and don't want to lose)

But anyways, the Cubase synths cover a lot of sonic territory.

Just saying.


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Just curious, do any of the Cubase offerings use FM synthesis with multiple operators? I'd be interested to take a second look at something like that.

Halion is definitely on my list to buy at some point. I have Falcon which I think is the most similar to compare, and I enjoy using that.

Victor N.

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are we talking about HalionSE, etc? can you mention a few that you really like? my issue with the bundled instruments is that it's such a pain to find the right sound. it's a huge turn down for me.


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At least on my part I was referring to full halion. But I'm also interested to hear what third party instruments are available for halion and how people like them
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