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Trying to identify an old percussion library/sample set


I've been searching for a while for specific samples from some sort of percussion sound set, but I just can't find it especially due to the age. These samples are a minimum of 10 years old, as the source material it's from is at least that old. Likely even longer than that.

Deep googling did not yield me any results unfortunately. Since a lot of you have a long history with this kind of stuff, I was hoping maybe one of you are able to identify what it's from. Said samples are used in the attached audio files. Thanks in advance for any answers or pointers!


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Hi Tekkera, that exact snare loop is in Stylus RMX's film percussion set within the core library :) Specfially, it's the "90-Madrid Massive Snares" loop in the Film-Action Example Groove Menu.
Ah, thank you! And thanks to the other person too for chiming in, the answers are appreciated.
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