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Trouble Deciding Between Logic and Cubase


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Even as a long-time Logic and Cubase user I find myself bouncing back and forth. Best to just do a complete project in Cubase and see how you like the workflow. Personally, I like and can use both pretty quickly. Here is a list of what I've found good and bad, but it's not everything, just some off the top of my head.

Some things I prefer in Logic:
- Text visibility: Much easier to read on higher-resolution 4k monitors and there are options to change menu sizes
- Automation is visually better
- Linking of windows
- Better CPU management at idle
- Excellent file management
- Capture last take on long sustained notes works as expected
- Freeze multiple tracks at once
- Loads much faster

What I don't like in Logic:
- Environment is a hot mess
- External MIDI instruments must be created in the Environment 1st unless you want to use the plugin
- Mixer, would rather just show tracks with data option like Cubase
- Velocity editing...not a fan of the lines so you need to have the Step Editor open to get the bars like Cubase
- The broken PDC and having to do weird workarounds.

What I like in Cubase
- Global workspaces
- Show only tracks with data
- Nested folders
- Mixer channel strip
- Global metronome settings
- Velocity editing
- Lanes
- Superior external instrument with east Midi thru disabling
- Mixer can have multiple outs to bounce without having to create tracks in the main window
- Exporting tracks dialog is top-notch
- Better organization of plugins
- Searchable plugins without the need of a 3rd party addon
- arrangement lets me try different "extended" versions before committing

Cubase dislikes:
- Font is terrible in the inspector...difficult to read and this is really becoming a problem even with glasses when everything else is sharp
- CPU idle is high
- Lousy VEP integration (must disable ASIO guard)
- Terrible file management...well it's clunky at best where you have to manually create a folder for your project before saving
- You can only freeze one track at a time
- No way to organize Expression maps after creation
- Occasionally drops connection to S1 controller

The list could go on in both categories, but those are just some of my observations having done a recent project in C11. Which will I continue in? Not sure either as right now I contine into the next tracks for this project. Started it in C11 but I'm growing tired of straining to read the blurry fonts in the inspector.
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