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Trigger expression maps in Cubase with a Touch Screen


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I just created a template in cubase 11 with instrument tracks with separate articulations and also Keyswitchs.
I also now have a Dell P2418HT touchscreen and the excellent Sherlock plugin from 14bitMidi.

I use macros and PLE for the tracks visibility and everything works perfectly.
I have so far created 4 pages in Sherlock
with the first one which contains all my folder Tracks classified by families and editors
the second includes the separate instruments
the third important midi functions
the fourth audio mixer functions

all this little world works very well for separate articulation tracks
but I would like to be able to control my tracks including keyswitchs with all my expression maps

I specify that the major part of my expression maps work perfectly in cubase with UACCs from Spitfire Audio
as well as those of Eastwest but from the touch screen I cannot activate the remote control.

I have fine tuned the parameters of the remote control on keyswitchs or program change message
nothing works despite the already sherlock functions.(Spitfire Audio UACC,MIDI PITCHS,MIDI CC)

I also know that lemur specialists have had this function for a long time but I have no answer.
After that I am not a programming specialist and it is all the interest for me of sherlock.

I know jononotbono manages to make it all work with the dynamic buttons assignment.
and this is really the function I am missing if I will be able to change my keyswiches directly.

Excuse me again for my english
Looking forward to your help and/or ideas




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I forgot to attach the sherlock settings menu as an example


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Thomas van der Burg
I'm not familiar with Sherlock but I did get this to work with Lemur so it might be similar. Make sure to set up expression map with "program change messages" (lower left corner, under remote settings).

After that you can just create buttons that send out the correct program change message. I see Sherlock supports "Dynamic button assignment depending on the selected track" so you can change the label of the buttons based of the track you select so the labels of the buttons correspondents with the expression map.


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@jononotbono has recently spent quite a bit of time using Sherlock so he might be able to help.

Here is a video that he did on it, though I don't know if it covers this particular issue.



Hi Dominique!
Please check my answer on the 14bitMIDI forum:
I hope that will help you with the Expression Maps endeavour!
Karol Obara - 14bitMIDI


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Thanks Karol
yes I saw well I test that as soon as I come home
I will keep you informed of my progress
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