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It might be too much layering of similar instruments and giving everything the same balance?
Maybe it’s sometuing u already doing but think of it like mixing a pop track. There is low middle and highs. Having one type of drum for each freq could help.

Also, for trailer music it’s also about those impacts. Short impacts doubling the drums. And the drums can be just to give it a tad if organic element. So more like impacts and a touch of drums.
Based on what you said I've had a little tweak. I'd love to get your feedback on it if you've got the time.

Thanks again.

I think the sub doof sits a bit better now, but it still feels like tweaks around the margins... I think you might have to look at rebuilding the sound from the ground up to get something appreciably different. FWIW I still think there's something pitched in the low end that's occupying quite a lot of space without justifying itself, and the overall low end transient shape isn't as impactful as it could be. Perhaps pick one of the big drums and work it alone until it's more in the ballpark of what you want, before thinking about adding anything else?


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FWIW I still think there's something pitched in the low end that's occupying quite a lot of space without justifying itself, and the overall low end transient shape isn't as impactful as it could be.
Nice clip! The hyped over the top impact is there in the rhythms and arrangement for sure.

But for the mix, I agree with Scoremixer - the low end seems dominated by a pitched resonance around 47 Hz. Compare to something like the Heavyocity Master Sessions Drums walkthrough video on YouTube - I know that's not a mix reference example for what your going for, but i feel like that's the kind of lows and mids that would work well with the higher frequency drum and sound design elements you've created. Their low end is way more indefinite in pitch, but still has a very strong boom factor.

Hard to say with confidence but I feel like this may be caused by trying to phase align the resonant frequencies of low end drums. The argument about frequency beating between 45 and 50 Hz felt very solid to me, but my intuition still pushes me to believe that it's generally not a problem for several reasons - (1) the whack should probably come from the transient impact, even in the low frequencies, and not the resonant frequencies of the drums, and (2) the instability as you said, or indefiniteness of the pitch - makes me think that the frequency beating of pure tones might not be a representative math model of what actually happens. On the other extreme (also probably not totally appropriate), we could say that the math model should be adding two sources of low frequency noise because of the indefinite, unstable pitch. In aggregate, two noise sources summed will increase constructively and not have predictable/significant beating. The real math would be somewhere between these two models, but somewhere where frequency beating would still be less of an issue.

But going past all that pedantic technical debate, the bigger picture - I'm personally perceiving too much separation from the high frequency parts and the low frequency. Would be great to have a lot more mid frequency meat to the drums. Perhaps your hi-passing and lo-passing is too aggressive? And the super awesome reverses/short risers/sound design textures (nice touches by the way!) I think could be much louder.

Maybe it is just a matter of doing some mix referencing and making sure not to listen too loudly while mixing, to be more objective about it.
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Thanks very much for all the feedback from everybody. I’m gonna give it another go and hopefully get something that works better. I’ve been unhappy with my process for doing this kind of stuff for a while. These drums are part of a actual track but I’m in the process of selling it so probably shouldn’t post the whole thing yet. If any of you kind folks could be bothered I’d really appreciate some feedback on a few other tracks I’ve done in the past. I’ll post them up when I get back in the studio.

Thanks again for all the wisdom.