Trailer for New Spitfire Library


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Paul explains why his walkthrough is late:

Ha! Cool video and PT gets a :thumbsup: !!

Meaningful here, with multiple MIDI Keyboard(s)/Controllers, including Roland KR577 Digi-piano older MIDI connection, via separate Saffire Pro14(s). Saffire Mix Control software defaults to lower S/N when both are connected, thus prohibiting such a 'dual' input.



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My comment via Trustpilot : "Very satisfied with this librairy in terms of choice and quality. Sound textures offer me the opportunity to discover new worlds of creation.
Thank a lot to all of you !
Great jog guys ! :) "
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ugh, i'm liking this more than i was hoping to. Some of it I don't think I'd use, but a lot of the more 'playable' guitars seem really nice.


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01 - Spitfire Audio - Ambient Guitars - Otto's Shoes, Leo's Arps Soft, David Played
02 - Spitfire Audio - Ambient Guitars - Leo's Arps

SA - AGuitars2.JPG SA - AGuitars.JPG