Trailer for New Spitfire Library


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Christian: "I wonder what would happen if you played an irish tin whistle through some mega amps, and used 200 different microphones to record it?"
Paul "Do you know, I think that's a really good idea Christian!"

PS I think it'll be an upright piano :)
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Hmmm. Albion 2 discontinued on Wednesday, new library launch on Thursday. No idea what this might be coughTWOcough
Hmmm... Yeah, I was expecting, Albion-TWO launch on Thursday, but this teaser doesn't seem to indicate that. We shall know what this is about soon, I'm really looking forward to the release of Albion-TWO, and I'm a big fan of Albion-ONE.


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I guess this is probably that "Ambient Guitars" library that you could see on Christian's computer a few months ago? I hope so, since I'm not in the market for ambient guitars, cool as they are.
I have also noticed that mysterious library in Christmas time but in this video by Paul Thompson. You can see it at the very top of his instance of Kontakt, approximately around 8:12 minutes.

Since the background of the library looks like snowbound pine trees, I've thought that I've accidentally discovered the announced "big gift" we will receive on Christmas day. Naive as I am, I've took the "big gift" thing literally (as in free). In the end, the gift had turned out to be very generous discount with the added excitement of prolonged waiting for Rodney the Dinosaur to finally arrive. :)

Sorry. Back to the topic. A bunch of guitar amps certainly look suggestive, but bunch of amps can mean anything with Spitfire Audio. We will find out soon enough. ;)


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Nope. First they'll announce: Goodbye Solo Strings with promo price, 50% off. After the promo they'll announce a new product, Solo Strings v2, and you'll get Virtuoso Cello and Viola with an upgrade price. :sneaky::grin:
We might see those & other cool new features as all these libraries are ported to the SF Player.

Geoff Grace

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Ambient Guitars: Distorted Soundscapes for Cinematic Scoring | Spitfire Audio

Spitfire Audio said:
Ambient Guitars is a collection of inspiring and modern cinematic guitar sounds, textures and loops — from ambient to apocalyptic — created and performed exclusively by renowned guitar innovator Leo Abrahams, and expertly sampled by Spitfire Audio. Designed for use in film, TV and game music and especially suited to dark, urbane, indie style scores, its early incarnation is already a directors’ and composers’ favourite. This intuitive and instantly playable toolkit will inspire any discerning media composer or producer looking for fresh sounds and atmospheric textures with an experimental edge.

Ambient Guitars will be available at our promotional price until
Thursday 2nd May 2019.
$299|$249 Intro


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