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I might be old news, but is it a known bug that the first midi track in a multi-timbral track often looses its name?
Ex. 5 bassoon tracks 1 + 2 + 3 + Contra Bassoon + Ensemble, and Bassoon 1 is suddenly named untitled!!
Or am I doing something wrong here?


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I get this with Track Stacks too, if I save them as a patch and reload them they show the names briefly then change to untitled. Thought it was just me!


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It happens to me a lot. 99% of the time it's with Kontakt instruments, I've found saving a project as soon as it's created can reduce the issue quite considerably, as in many cases the name loss occurs upon the first save.


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Ive noticed this on a few versions, initially I thought it was because the track names were not the same in the tracks in the environment.

When I watch carefully I can see the names, then they clear to untitled, like some reset message is getting sent.