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TOP 9 Problems with Cubase 9 from a Logic X User


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You can put multiple folder stacks into folder stacks no problem here. Even via key command.
How? I just tried it. I even tried creating a Folder Stack and dragging in another Folder Stack and it didn't work.. I know that you can have multiple Summing Stacks in a Folder Stack, that works fine. But you can't put a
  • Folder Stack into a Folder Stack
  • Summing Stack into a Summing Stack
  • Folder Stack into a Summing Stack.


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MAJOR problem I'm having in Cubase is the way it treats timecode v Logic. In Logic you can lock a Bar and a Time Code number together. You can then lock a hit point or end marker to another specific time code. You can then adjust tempo and tempo curves and the music slides around relative to the Time Code, as it should. In Logic the first bar no. and time code number that you specified REMAIN LOCKED so that you can use tempo, accels, ritards etc to make sure you hit your markers down the line. In Cubase they do not remain locked, so that any change in tempo just fucks up all your hit points...argh...

Hi, cubase uses tracks locked to timecode instead. So you can make any midi or marker track based on either music or smpte. Works well IMO.


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Of course the track disabling in Cubase is essential because of the way it works v Logic:

iMac 4GHz 4-core 32meg

200 empty instances Kontakt, standard EQ and Comp per channel switched on:
Logic CPU 12%
Cubase CPU 200%
I have wondered about that. I use Pro Tools 10 and Logic on an imac. Logic is like 4 times stronger on handling VI's.


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Lucky you, some of us are still stuck on pro tools.:crying::crying::crying::crying:
But mama is good aint she? Colored mixer, killer audio editing, great edit view. good midi and I can open the midi editor while I am recording! Cubase has "folders" we have memory locations with track show/hide. That's not too painful!


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So I can achieve the functionality I described above?
Hi, Yes it works how you want it to. Instead of locking any individual MIDI event or marker to timecode, you create a track that has a timecode base (as opposed to musical base) and anything in that track is always locked to timecode. This includes MIDI tracks and marker tracks.


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For #2 I run the following AutoHotKey script at Windows' startup:

#IfWinActive ahk_class SteinbergWindowClass

#IfWinActive ahk_class SteinbergWindowClass
Send {h}

#IfWinActive ahk_class SteinbergWindowClass
Send {g}

Shift + mouse wheel = vertical zoom. I also use the key next to the left shift (backslash) as a modifier, so \ + mouse wheel = horizontal scroll.

IfWinActive checks if Cubase is active so you don't have to worry about any modifiers messing with other programs.

Hope it helps because Steinberg has been ignoring this simple request for many years now.

Thank you!! Just found this tip on a google search and had to register to give you proper cudos! As a software developer myself, I cant for the life of me understand why Steinberg havent implmented this in the mixer window... (Ashamed to) never heard of autohotkey before, you opened my eyes!
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