TOMORROW 18th July - Tune in for a special announcement!


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What do I wish it was? The launching of a new line of orchestral instruments recorded in a med-size scoring stage similar to the Cinematic Studio line ! Come-on SF !!!
I wish Spitfire would release a library for modern scoring that includes pulses for gritty drama and underscoring. Also, I think if they made a Thomas Newman Composer Toolkit, with those creamy and lush sordino strings heard in Skyfall, Spectre and Road to Perdition, they'd have an instant seller. Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions is absolutely beautiful, and I wish they did the same with Newman's signature sound.


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If it's Air Reverb, count me in! Even another instalment to the Albion line would be neat but it couldn't be Albion 2 because Loegria or whatever is already out there. It would be Albion 4 or 5 or whatever they are up to. I tapped out after Incini....


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Being me I think it is the announcement of an entirely free 3154 sample basic orchestra based on their new engine.

Isn't it already 18:00 in Germany? The stream seems to be on hold atm.


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“Go beyond the orchestra”? What, into the audience? It’s a library of authentic audience noises such as shuffling and a range of coughing from muted to downright deafening (automatable).

The Pro version includes 6 different types of sneezing.


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What a stunning looking UI - best of their bespoke TwoOfUs UI and eDNA, plus a synth combined with Fanshaw’s material.

What a beaut. This looks dreamy. Nice work Spitfire.


I hate to be a negative nancy but "meh". Not super impressed. The past 4 releases have been so-so from Spitfire Audio. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of 90% of their sample libraries but the last library I truely loved was LCO Textures, everything after that hasn't really piqued my interest. It's not that Kepler or HCT were bad libraries, but with Kepler's CPU HOG issues and HCT just not doing it for me - I've lost some interest. Plus ORBIS and the ambient guitars, just seem like rehashes to me. Also, $349 for this found sound library? Which is essentially an old product repackaged with a bit of extra content. Seems a bit steep to me, even with the discount price.