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Toccata and Fugue in G-minor


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Wrote this a number of years ago, but still one of my favorites. Organist Kevin Bowyer is scheduled to do the UK premiere next April!

This recording was done with Haupwerk, sample set is the Metz Mutin/Cavaille-Coll by Milan Digital Audio.



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Very interesting piece; some shades of Dupré in the prelude? Congratulations on the upcoming premiere!

I've thought about going down the Hauptwerk rabbit hole a lot, but I feel like it'll be too difficult to work into a DAW environment in a way that would feel natural for me, not to mention what an investment it is in both software and hardware, to get the most out of it.


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Definitely shades of Dupre and Durufle in the prelude - the fugue was modeled after Dupre's op. 36 P+F in Ab major (he did it much betterm I'm afraid).

HW is not particularly easy in a DAW environment - the VST implementation is simply a VST link (HW still loads outside of the DAW as a standalone, the VST merely communicates with it). Over the years, I've found it much easier to use it on a completely separate machine, and either drive it via the network or with a MIDI cable. That of course necessitates bringing the recorded WAV back into the DAW, which adds a step, but it can be done. I did a mockup of the first movement of my organ concerto that way...

If members want to add organ to their projects, but don't want to go down the "rabbit hole", I'm always glad to help, and I've been known to barter.... :dancedance:
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