Time+Space _ NI Summer of Sound _ K12 /K12U /K12U-CE ( Thru June30 )


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I have gone with Best Service, the pricing worked out better with them for me in Australia, just pulled the trigger and now have to wait for the serial number. How long did it take for the other B serve customers here?
Still waiting for mine - ordered about 8 hours ago. Hopefully before Monday. :D


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I ordered from Best Service yesterday and got my serial right away. They didn’t email it to me but said I could find under my account page
Same here. There was a lot more stuff added from K10U -12U. More bloat that I have separated on 3 drives.


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Recently Fabfilter did their anniversary sale and Best Service had cheaper prices. Suddenly,
all prices at Best Service went up to the same as FF´s website.

In that case, the difference was bigger than now (usually 50% off on NI´s website), but who doesn't like a bigger discount?

I was ready to pull the trigger on other things, but now I´m wondering...


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Time + Space Upgrade is $259. + shipping (for Boxed), yet I'm hearing that they will consider sending S/N and no shipping cost. Have requested and see what response is offered.


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Jumped on the deal today from Time+Space. Unless NI goes more than 50%, they won't beat T+S price (including shipping).
Compound that with the free Zero-G Kontakt instrument...
Now, to patiently await European snail mail handing it off to the US snail mail...