Tiger The Frog's Alphabetical List of November 2019 Sales


Before you buy anything, I advise you to check out the prices on sites like JRRShop, AudioDeluxe, Plugin Boutique, everyplugin.com, DontCrac[k], etc. The discounts--which usually aren't visible until you put your purchase in the cart--can be substantial, and there are sometimes further discounts with the codes FORUM or GROUP. Companies like Time+Space and Best Service don't always have the lowest prices, but offer loyalty points, which can add up to a bigger discount.

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8Dio Black November "Biggest Sale Ever"
Angel Cano 50% off
Atom Hub 40% off on select libraries
Audio Ollie LA Mod Percussion $399 - Scoring Synths $149
Aviram Dayan 40% Off
Channel Robot Slice Bundle 75% off IA Bundle 33% off
Cinematic Studio Series 25% off (11/25 - 12/4)
CL-Projects up to 35% off NEW
Dream Audio Tools save up to 25% on bundles
Drumforge store-wide sale
EastWest 60% Off
Frozen Plain 20% off
Guereschi Bandoneon 50% off
Hidden Path Audio 70% off
IK Multimedia (+FX) Up to 50% off
Insanity Samples 30% off
In Session Audio FREE Fruit Shake Percussion Instrument
Karanyi Total Bundle 60% off
Karoryfer Samples 50% off
Keepforest up to 75% off STARTS 11/20
LamLamphrey Up to 50% off
Libre Wave 30% off
Muletone Audio Up to 50% off
Native Instruments 50% off select software STARTS 11/20
NovaSound Nova Drum Units 50% off
Perfectkits up to 80% off NEW
ProducerSpot Save up to 80%
Rast Sound Up to 58% off
Realitone up to 66% off NEW
Resomonics up to 50% off
Rigid Audio Up to 95% off at Plugin Boutique
Sampleso 60% off
Sampletrip Up to 52% off
Sonuscore 40% off Origins & Lyrical Bundles - 25% off Enforcer
Sound Aesthetics Sampling up to 40% off
SoundCues up to 60% off
Sound Provocation 50% off
Soundtrax Bundle 25% off
Thenatan Up to 80% off
Toontrack Up to 40% off on selected items
Tronsonic Up to 84% off at Plugin Boutique
Volko Audio (+FX) 70% off
VSL Vienna Smart Orchestra €149 - 30% off all MIR products
Wobblophones 30% off
Xhun Audio Up to 50% off
Xtant Audio (+presets & impulse responses) 30% off

2nd Sense Audio
80% off Wiggle at Plugin Boutique
Arturia V Collection 7 $299
discoDSP (+FX) 50% off
Eplex7 DSP (+instruments, FX) up to 45% off
Hideaway Studios up to 75% off
KV331 Audio - Synthmaster & Synthmaster One + Upgrades up to 70% off
Le Sound sale at JRR
Output (+FX) 25% off instruments, FX, expansions & full bundle - extra 15% off personal upgrade
Rhythmic Robot save up to 33%
Synth Magic up to 50% off NEW
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Accusonus Up to 72% off
AcustiX Digital 34% off at KVR
Audiority up to 50% off
Babelson 50% off
BeatRig up to 46% off at JRR
Ben Osterhouse String Flow Collection Bundle 30% off
Best Service Hall of Fame Reverb FREE with €99 purchase
Boz Digital Labs Save on selected plugins
Creative Intent 50% off at Plugin Boutique
Devious Machines 40% off Texture at Plugin Boutique
Digital Brain (+instruments) 50% off
Fuse Audio Labs up to 66% off - Neo Classic Baxandall EQ FREE
Inear Display (+synths) 50% off with code INRDFALL2019
Internet Co. F-Rex 70% off - Sound It! 30% off
iZotope Nectar Elements free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique
JST Save up to 80%
Krotos 50% off plugins & bundles
Kuassa Up to 72% off
Lexicon 50% off
Mastering the Mix 50% off Expose
Mathew Lane 50% off StereoDelta at AudioDeluxe
McDSP Up to 78% off at JRR
Mercuriall Audio Spark 50% off
Mia Labs Up to 78% off at AudioDeluxe
Nembrini Audio Sale on selected
NoiseAsh (+pianos) Huge Discounts
Plugin Alliance BF deals every Friday
Positive Grid 50% off BIAS Best Sellers
ReLab reverbs up to 50% off
Sonnox 50% Off
Sonoris Up to 50% off at AudioDeluxe
Soundspot Discounts on audio plugins and synth presets
Soundtoys 50% off Upgrades
SynchroArts Save up to 40% on Revoice Pro
Trip 'n Lab Sound Trajectory over 40% off at AudioDeluxe
W.A. Production 90% off on Absolute Vocal Bundle - 5 plugins $14.90
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AngelicVibes up to 87% off
bigfishaudio Save up to 70% on special items
Black Octopus (+presets, software) 60% off on weekly specials
Glitchmachines (+FX) up to 94% off at Plugin Boutique
Heartwood Soundware All Soundsets £9.95
Highlife Samples 50% off
Jamstix Thanksgiving Sale on Mini-Packs Bundle
Loopmasters Up to 80% off
New Loops (+Kontakt Libraries & Sound FX)
Prime Loops 75% almost everything
Producer Shop Save 30% every Friday
RDGAudio (+instruments) up to 60% off at KVR
Resonance Sound 50% discount code CYBER-50 - 70% off 3 bundles
Sampleism up to 70% off sample packs
XXL Audio up to 70% off

A Sound Effect
BF Warm-Up Sale

Boom Buy 2 get one free
Gregor Quendel 40% off

Man Makes Noise The Duck of Death Intro Price (until 11/24) - The Lobby Piano 50% off with code blackfriday19

AKAI VIP 3.1 Standard - 80% off
AudioModern Generators up to 65% off at Plugin Boutique
Focusrite Plug-in Collective FREE Holiday Bundle (for Focusrite Owners) UJAM Virtual Guitarist Iron, Mastering the Mix's Grow, Sonible/Focusrite's Balancer
Steinberg Wavelab Up to 40% off at JRR
The Amp Factory All profiles 50% off Code FRIDAY19
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Thank you for your service!

Edit: Has anyone from Europe ever bought directly from the Lexicon website? On the website where they advertise the current discount it says "*U.S only". So my question is, can you even buy from their website when you are not from the US?
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Thank you for your service!

Edit: Has anyone from Europe ever bought directly from the Lexicon website? On the website where they advertise the current discount it says "*U.S only". So my question is, can you even buy from their website when you are not from the US?
Try somewhere like the JRRShop. I haven't checked to see if the Group or Forum discounts work or not yet.


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Acustica do have 70% off N4 currently but only til 11/11. They usually have BF sale pricing but that’s not likely to hit 70% discount (well, who knows these days, but it hasn’t in the past).

Thank you Tiger.
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