Tiger The Frog's Alphabetical List of November 2019 Sales


This post shows documents the details of Black Friday sales I could find in 2019. I'm sure I missed some.

I did this out of the hope that you will use it to discover and support small developers. As musicians, we owe all developers our gratitude, but as you can see below, there are a tremendous amount of small ones out there too, many of whom you many not know.

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8Dio "Biggest Sale Ever"
A|A|S up to 60% off
AcousticSamples 30% off
Ample Sound up to 64% off
AcustiX Digital 34% off at KVR
AIR - Xpand!2 $4.99 - Complete Upgrade $49
Algonaut Atlas is 50% off
Angel Cano 50% off
Audio Plugin Deals 10 new deals - one every 8 hours - Sample Logic's Morphestra 2 ($89.99), Embertone's Joshua Bell Essential ($59) Audiofier's Riffendium Bundle ($43.99), Sample Logic's Cinematic Keys (69.99), Sonible's Proximity ($24.99) Rigid Audio Bundle ($39) Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Ensembles ($69.99), Acoustic Samples 4 Guitar Bundle ($99.99), Impact Soundworks' Orchestral Bundle ($99.99), Boom Cinematic Bundle ($99.99)
Aria Sounds up to 75% off
Atom Hub 40% off on select
Auddict 50% off everything - Celestial Voices Ceres is free + new PercX 50% off
Audiobro Lowest Prices Ever!
Audiofier 40% off on select
Audio Imperia up to 50% off
Audio Modeling 30% off
AudioModern flash sale save 25% w/code FLASH25 - Atom V2 40% off at T+S
Audio Ollie LA Mod Percussion $399 - Scoring Synths $149
Aviram Dayan 40% Off
Beatskillz (+FX)) up to 81% off at PB
Bela D Media 50% off
Ben Osterhouse String Flow Collection Bundle 30% off
Best Service 40% off on select products - Hall of Fame Reverb free w/€99 purchase
bigfishaudio/Vir2 up to 80% off
Boyss-Sound-{e}-Scapes 50% off
Bunker Samples Buy Bunker Strings get The Harmonium free
Castle Instruments 40% off
Channel Robot Slice Bundle 75% off - IA Bundle 33% off
Chocolate Audio up to 78% off
Chris Hein up to 40% off
Cinematic Studio Series 25% off
Cinesamples 50% off
CL-Projects up to 35% off
Cmusic up to 70% off
D16 (+FX) 40% off
Decent Samples 50% off
DopeSONIX up to 63% off at PB
Dream Audio Tools save up to 25% on bundles
Drumforge store-wide sale
EastWest 60% Off - 1st year of Comp Cloud X $199 - Hollywood Orchestra Silver $99 at AD
e-instruments 6 session keys pianos for $199
Embertone up to 75% off + special offers to newsletter subscribers - new $99 Joshua Bell Essential available for $59 at APD
Ethnaudio up to 61% off
Fluffy Audio up to 70% off
Fracture Sounds up to 40% off
FrozenPlain 20% off
FXpansion 40% off
Gospel Musicians up to 70% off
Gothic Instruments up to 60% off
Guereschi Bandoneon 50% off
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Handheld Sound 60% off on selected
Heavyocity up to 50% off - Buy 3 get add'l 10% (not Vento)
Hidden Path Audio 70% off
HybridTwo 50% off
IK Multimedia (+FX) Up to 60% off + free Spaceport '77 for SampleTank 4 owners
Ilya Efimov up to 50% off
Impact Soundworks up to 30% off
Indiginus Jangle Acoustic Guitar free with purchase of select library
Insanity Samples 30% off
In Session Audio free Fruit Shake Offer Ended save $40-$100 per title & more with combos
iZotope Breaktweaker $19 at AD
Karanyi up to 60% off
Karoryfer Samples 50% off
KeepForest up to 75% off
Laboratory Audio Strikeforce Sale
LamLamphrey Up to 50% off
Libre Wave 30% off
Light & Sound Chamber Strings 60% off
loops de la creme orders over €156 get €100 cashback
Marcos Ciscar 20% off
Martinic 60% off
Michael Picher Music 30% off w/code 5ETRNJLK27
MusicLab up to 60% off
Muletone Audio Up to 50% off
Native Instruments 50% off select products
New Sonic Arts up to 40% off
NovaSound Nova Drum Units 50% off
Old Timer 50% off Plink 2
Orange Tree Samples 35% off w/code OrangeFriday2019
Paper Stone Instruments up to 56% off
Perfectkits up to 80% off
Pettinhouse 15 libraries $119 + upcoming funkbass
Piotr Nowotnik also Here 30% off
Plogue Chip products 50% off
Polkasound 50% off
Pornofonic Instruments 50% off
PrecisionSound 50% off
ProducerSpot Save up to 80%
Production Voices up to 75% off
PSound 50% off
PulseSetter Sounds up to 80% off
Puremagnetik 50% off w/code BLACKFRIDAY19
Rast Sound Up to 77% off
Rayzoon up to 60% off on Jamstix and expansions
Realitone up to 66% off
Red Room Audio up to 45% off
Resomonics up to 50% off
Rhythmic Robot up to 33% off
Rigid Audio Up to 95% off at PB incl new $7 limerence - $39 bundle at APD
Riot Audio up to 30% off w/code BlackFriday2019
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Samplecraft 50% off
Samplecraze 75% off
SampleHero (+samples, presets) 65% off everything SH_BFRULES_65%
Sample Logic up to 83% off
SampleScience 40% off
Sampleso 60% off
Sampletrip Up to 52% off
Sampletekk 90% off on select
Silence+Other Sounds up to 50% off
Softube Save now on modular
Sonic Scores Amadeus Symphony Orchestra & Overture 40% off
Sonixinema save up to 50% (1st 500 orders only)
Sono Elements 35% off w/code bfriday
Sonokinetic up to 62% off on bundles 50% off "Indie" Sign up for 12 Days of Christmas Here
Sonuscore up to 75% off + The Orchestra is €167.66
Sound Aesthetics Sampling up to 50% off
SoundCues up to 60% off
Soundiron up to 40% off
Sound Magic (+FX) 58% off
Sound Provocation 50% off
Soundtrax Bundle 25% off
Spitfire Audio 25% off indiv products - up to 73% off collections - The Ton (BDT, EDNA Earth, and Orchestral Grand Piano) $100 - new Aperture Strings w/$349 purchase ends 12/3
Splash Sound up to 90% off
Steinberg 50% off Absolute 4 & Iconica Opus w/code BLACKDEALS2019
Strezov Sampling up to 50% off
String Theories 50% off with code 9GR5QDZCSQ5N
Strix Instruments up to 85% off
Sturmsounds 50% off
Synthogy $50 off collections at AD
Taleweaver Orchestra up to 33% off
Taqs.im 70% off Everything Bundle
Thenatan Up to 80% off
ThePhonoLoop up to 30% off
Three-Body Technology (+FX) up to 40% off
Toontrack Up to 80% off
Triple Spiral Audio (+presets) up to 50% off
Tronsonic Up to 77% off
UnEarthed Sampling 40% off
Virsilian Studios 30% off
VI Labs 30% off
Volko Audio (+FX) 70% off
VSL up to 50% off select products incl new BBO Andromeda
Wavesfactory (+FX) 50% off
Wobblophones 30% off
Xhun Audio Up to 50% off
XLN Audio 45% off
Xtant Audio (+presets & impulse responses) 30% off
ujam 50% off everything - Solid 2 Drums 75% off at PB Beatmaker Hustle is $9.99 today
UVI 30% off store-wide
VSTBuzz - 26 Plugins up to 95% off
Wavelet Audio up to 66% off
Xperimenta Project up to 45% off
Zero-G up to 80% off + free gift if you spend more than $35
Yamaha Vocaloid Shop up to 15% off

Blinksonic 35% off
Toybox 25% off w/code BLACKFRIDAY19
Twisted Tools (+FX) 30% off
United Audio Artists Scratch Master is 30% off
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2nd Sense Audio 80% off Wiggle at PB
Admiral Quality (+FX) 50% off
Arturia V Collection 7 $299
Audiare 25% off Zone Synth & Nuxx FX at PB
Cherry Audio up to 66% off
discoDSP (+FX) 50% off
Eplex7 DSP (+instruments, FX) up to 45% off
Hideaway Studios up to 75% off
Hypersynth up to 50% off
Inertia Sound Systems up to 80% off
Korg 50% off
KV331 Audio - Synthmaster & Synthmaster One + Upgrades up to 70% off
Lennar Digital 30% off w/code BLFR2019 including Sylenth
Le Sound sale at JRR
Ocean Swift Synthesis up to 66% off
Output (+FX) 25% off instruments, FX, expansions & full bundle - extra 15% off personal upgrade
Parawave Audio Rapid Synthesizer 45% off extensions 30% off
Psychic Modulation 30% off w/code BLACK2019
Reveal Sound $90 off Spire
Rhythmic Robot save up to 33%
Rob Papen save 20% at PB
Sample Fuel 30% off w/code BFS-30PERCENT
Soundspot (+FX) Union synth is $7.99
Synth Magic up to 50% off
TAL Software up to 40% off in cart
Tone2 Audiosoftware 50% off
Tracktion up to 65% off w/code MIX2019
u-he 30% off Zebra 2 + free upgrade to Zebra 2.9
Vengeance Sound (+FX) store incl Avenger 50% off w/code FRIDAY
Waldorf 40% off w/code blackfried_day19
Wave Casual Nylon Synth 50% off
Zero-G 73% off Epica Synth

2CAudio up to 40% off
Acon Digital save up to 70%
Accusonus Up to 72% off
Acustica Audio check out menu - Pensado EQ today
AlexB Audio Engineering 20% off w/code BFCM2019
Antares up to 50% off
Audified 35% off w/code BlackAudified
AudioDamage 40% off w/code BF2019
Audionamix up to 50% off
Audiority up to 50% off
AudioSourceRE up to 34% off at JRR
AudioThing (+VIs) save up to 50%
AyaicWare 44% off
Babelson 50% off
Baby Audio 40% off I Heart NY & SuperVHS bundle at PB
PastToFutureReverbs (+VIs)
BeatRig up to 46% off at
Black Rooster up to 70% off
Boz Digital Labs Save on selected plugins
Cableguys save up to 55% on bundles
Cargo Cult 50% off
Celemony Melodyne Ess $49 & up to 67% off upgrades at JRR
Creative Intent 50% off at PB
DDMF 40% off
DearVR 50% off
Denise up to 70% off & get free Slappy
Devious Machines up to 50% off at PB
Digital Brain (+instruments) 50% off
Eiosis 66% off bundle
Eventide save up to 75% on bundles & upgrades Fabfilter 25% off
Flux:: up to 67% off at JRR
Fuse Audio Labs up to 66% off - Neo Classic Baxandall EQ free
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Goodhertz 35% off
GRM Tools up to 60% off at JRR
Harrison Consoles 67% off at JRR
HoRNet Plugins up to 70% off
House of Kush up to 50% off plugins
Image Line 40% off plugins (discount in cart)
Inear Display (+synths) 50% off with code INRDFALL2019
Internet Co. F-Rex 70% off - Sound It! 30% off
IrcamLab 70% off at JRR
Ircam Tools 50% off select at JRR
iZotope save up to 93% & Nectar Elements FREE w/purchase at PB
JST Save up to 80%
KiloHearts save on Toolbox
Klevgrand 50% off on selected
Krotos 50% off plugins & bundles
Leapwing Audio 40% off
Le Sound up to 36% off at JRR
Lexicon 50% off
LiquidSonics save up to 60%+
LVC-Audio 75% off
MAAT Digital 35% off w/code MAAT-WinterSale2019
Mastering the Mix 50% off Expose
Mathew Lane 50% off StereoDelta at AD
McDSP 75% off store-wide
MeldaProduction 50% off
Mercuriall Audio Spark 50% off
MeterPlugs 30% off w/code BLACKFRI19
Metric Halo Up to 78% off
Mia Labs Up to 78% off
MixMeister 50% off
Nembrini Audio all products 80% off w/code REDFRIDAY80
Newfangled Audio 50% off at JRR
NoiseAsh (+pianos) Huge Discounts
Nomad Factory up to 90% off
Nugen Audio Sigmod $29
Oeksound 33% off
KiloHearts save on Toolbox
Klevgrand 50% off on selected
Krotos 50% off plugins & bundles
Leapwing Audio 40% off
Le Sound up to 36% off at JRR
Lexicon 50% off
LiquidSonics save up to 60%+
LVC-Audio 75% off
MAAT Digital 35% off w/code MAAT-WinterSale2019
Mastering the Mix 50% off Expose
Mathew Lane 50% off StereoDelta at AD
McDSP 75% off store-wide
MeldaProduction 50% off
Mercuriall Audio Spark 50% off
MeterPlugs 30% off w/code BLACKFRI19
Metric Halo Up to 78% off
Mia Labs Up to 78% off
MixMeister 50% off
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Nembrini Audio all products 80% off w/code REDFRIDAY80
Newfangled Audio 50% off at JRR
NoiseAsh (+pianos) Huge Discounts
Nomad Factory up to 90% off
Nugen Audio Sigmod $29
Oeksound 33% off
Past To Future Reverbs (+VIs) 90% off
Photosounder up to 62% off at PB
Plug & Mix 70% off
Plugin Alliance BF deals every Friday
Polyverse up to 60% off
Prime Studio (powered by Acustica Audio) 50% off
Process.Audio Sugar 50% off
PSPaudioware Nexcellence & HertzRider for $19.99
Pulsar Audio up to 60% off at PB
Quiet Art up to 60% off
ReLab reverbs up to 50% off
Rare Signals Transatlantic Plate Reverb 33% off
Reverb Foundry up to 50% off
Signum Audio 60% off
Slate Digital $129/year All Access Pass - Lowest Price Ever only 72 hrs.
Softube up to 60% off Tape is $39
Sonible up to 50% on select at AD incl smart:comp $69
Sonimus BF Deals
Sonnox 50% Off
Sonoris Up to 50% off at AD
Sound Particles 50% off
SoundRadix 35% off
Soundtheory Guilfoss 30% off with code BF30
Soundtoys 50% off Upgrades - Up to 80% off plugins
Stagecraft Software 76% off at PB
Sugar Bytes up to 50% off
Surreal Machines 50% off
SynchroArts Save up to 40% on Revoice Pro
tc electronics up to 50% off
Tek'it Audio (+synths) 60% off
Tim Petherick 25% off w/code BCFM
Tokyo Dawn Labs up to 60% off at PB
Tone Empire 50% off
Trip 'n Lab Sound Trajectory over 40% off at AD
Tritik 25% off w/code BLACK
UAD 12 Days of UAD up to 60% off
United Plugins 60% off
Venomode 50% off
Voxengo 25% off
W.A. Production 40% off w/code WABlackXX
Waves Audio (+VI) get free Berzerk Distortion plugin - Save 50% on plugins/bundles w/code BF50
Spend $50 choose 1 free plugin - Spend $100 choose 2 free plugins.
Youlean Loudness Meter 43% off
zplane 30% off
Zynaptiq save 75% on Pitchmap at PB
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Audio Assault 20 plugins $49.99
BBE up to 60% off at JRR
Kuassa up to 72% off
Neural DSP up to 50% off
Overloud (+reg FX) up to 80%
Positive Grid 60% off
Scuffham S Gear $99
STLTones 40% off w/code STLBLACKFRIDAY
Studio Devil 50% off at JRR
The Amp Factory All profiles 50% off
TSE Audio 30% off w/code blackdays

Celestion Digital 33% off w/code BLKFRI19
Choptones Save 40%
Kazrog Recabinet 75% off
Two Notes up to 90% off

123creative (+plugins) 50% off
ADSR up to 90% off (+courses, plugins)
AKAI (+FX) 67% off at AD
Alonso Sound 40% off w/code BF2019
AngelicVibes 50% off w/code BLK2019
Audentity Records 50% off
Audio Animals 50% off w/code 50OFFBLACKFRIDAY
BansawCrown VPS Avenger Packs
Bellatrix Audio 75% off
bigfishaudio Save up to 70% on special items
Black Octopus (+presets, software) 60% off
BoB SwanS Presets 35% off
Brian Funk 50% off Ableton Live Packs
Cymatics Euphoria- free vocal sample pack
Daily Beats 50% off w/code blackfriday19
Datacode Records up to 60% off
DAW Premixed Templates & Presets 50% off min purchase €36
Digital Sound Factory up to 50% on selected
Echo Sound Works 50% off w/code blackfr19
eSoundz deep discounts
F9 Audio 40% off
Function Loops 60% off w/code BLACK
Ghosthack up to 90% off
Glitchmachines (+FX) up to 94% off at PB
Heartwood Soundware All Soundsets £9.95
Highlife Samples 50% off
Intimate Noise up to 62% off
JRR FREE sample or preset pack w/$29+ purchase
Krezie Sounds 70% off
LoopLords 50% off w/code black
Loopmasters Up to 80% off
Luftrum 40% off
MIDIssonance 30% off w/code blackfriday
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Natlife Sounds up to 90% off
NoizeBusters 50% off w/code flackbriday
NRS 70% off
New Loops (+VIs & FX) up to 80% off
Patchpool (Simon Stockhausen) up to 30% off
PluginGuru sale 50% off storewide + 20 new libraries
Prime Loops 75% almost everything
Producer Shop Save 30% every Friday
Producer Spot 80% off
RDGAudio (+instruments) up to 60% off at KVR
Resonance Sound 50% off w/code CYBER-50 - 70% off 3 bundles
Reveal Sound up to 90% off
Sampleism up to 70% off sample packs
Samples From Mars Everything Bundle $39
Sound Author 50% off
Soundspot Diverge Synthesis synth presets up to 88% off at PB
Synth-Presets up to 50% off
ThaLoops 50% off w/code BLACKENED
That Sound 60% off all drum libraries
The Patchbay up to 50% off
The Producers Choice Ultimate 808 bundle 80% off
The Unfinished 30% off finished
Tom Wolfe up to 50% off
Touch Loops 50% off
Touch the Universe up to 80% off
Ueberschall up to 80% off
UNDRGRND Sounds samples 50% off - Redlight Synth 60% off at PB
Vintage Synth-Pads 3 for 2
Wave Alchemy up to 80% off
WaveDiggerz 70% odd w/code BLACK19
We Sound Human 50% off +free library with each bundle
XXL Audio up to 70% off
Yummi Audio 50% off
Zombie Bites Shark 65% off The Everything Bundle

Drum Depot (+Drum Kits)
GGD up to 50% off
Groove Monkee Lowest Price of the Year - All packs $9.95
OddGrooves 60% off
Platinum Samples (+drum kits) 40% off on selected
Ugritone (+samples, VI) up to 50% off + save addl's 10% w/code UG10

A Sound Effect Save up to 75% & get 6.5 GB free FX with order
Articulated 40% off
Ava Music Group 50% storewide including Instinct
Boom Buy 2 get one free
Effective Trailer 50% off
Gregor Quendel 40% off
Humble Bundle Sound FX+Music $1-$25
Hzandbits 50% off w/code BLAGFRY50
SoundBits up to 70% off
Sound Ideas (+music) 50% off
Soundly sound effects librarian 50% off
SoundMorph (+software, drums) 50% off w/code BF2019
Tonsturm up to 40% off
Tovusound up to 40% off
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Man Makes Noise Lobby Piano 50% off w/code blackfriday19
Rocky Mountain Sounds 40% off Polar Ice

Ableton save 25% on Live 10, upgrades & packs
Acoustica order by 12/10 & save $10 on upgrade to Mixcraft 9
Bitwig save $100 on Bitwig Studio
Magix 20% off w/code FRIDAY 2019 - Subscriptions to Acid Pro Next and Sound Forge are $1 for 3 months
DSP-Quattro Version 5 30% off
PreSonus Studio One 50% off
Pro Tools 15% off select+upgrades at JRR
Reason Studios up to 90% off
Steinberg Wavelab Up to 40% off at JRR
Tracktion Waveform save up to 50%

ArtistsWorks 40% off w/code FRIDAY40
Ask Audio $9 monthly - $72 yearly 50% off course streams
Evenant 30% off w/code EVENANTBF2019
Forte Composer Academy all courses 25% off
Groove3 $99 one year pass 50% downloads
Joël Dollié 50% OFF Trailer Music Mixing
Mastering the Mix 50% off Music Production eBooks
Mike Verta 40% off w/code levelup2019
Producertech 60% off all courses
Sonic Academy (+presets, plugins) 70% off
Sound on Sound 50% off
Streamworks Audio Masterclass Cubase Pro 50% off w/code UAAS-XUQB-BLUS
Syntorial 50% off
ThinkSpace 30% off Orchestral Mixing & Sampled Orchestration Course
Udemy as low as $9.99
Xtant Audio 30% off "Mastering Kontakt Scripting" course

AudioModern Generators up to 65% off at PB
Captain Plugins 50% off
Cognitone 25% off
FeelYourSound 20% off
FrozenPlain save 40% on Obelisk NEW
Harvest Plugins 50% off Harvest Sequence Generator
Hexachords Orb Composer up to 50% off
Kirnu Interactive Cream $15 at PB
Music Developments RapidComposer 33% off
Plugin Boutique Scaler $29

AKAI VIP 3.1 Standard - 80% off
Focusrite Plug-in Collective free Holiday Bundle (for Focusrite Owners) UJAM Iron, Mastering the Mix's Grow, Sonible/Focusrite's Balancer
Hagai Davidoff Note Matrix $18 CCMatrix $5
PocketMags Up to 72% off on digital subscriptions to music magazines
Serato Sample $39 at PB
Sonarworks 40% off Headphone & Studio Editions + Upgrades
Sononym sample browser 50% off w/code BLKPRICE19
TIDAL $.99 for 4 months/$1.99 hi-fi for 4 months (new users only)

Arturia MiniBrute & Drumbrute up to 50% off
EditorsKeys sale on music/video software keyboards, etc.
Elgato Stream Deck 15 keys $99.99 32 keys $199.99
Expressive E Buy Touché get $40 on expansion & plugins
Focusrite/Novation save up to 24%
IK Multimedia save on AXE I/O & iLoud Monitors
ROLI save up to 50% off Seaboards & Blocks
Sensel save $50 on the Morph
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I just hang around pretending I know something

And they always give at least one library for free. Sometimes more than one. So you have to watch every morning.
Which I didn't do last year, and missed out on Ostinato Woodwinds :emoji_sob: (although two members of this forum took pity on me and bought it for me.)
Yes! I have gotten all the Ostinatos free. It helps that I work at a computer all day. I could have bought extras for others, but didn't know how to transfer them. So I let it go.


Active Member
Yes! I have gotten all the Ostinatos free. It helps that I work at a computer all day. I could have bought extras for others, but didn't know how to transfer them. So I let it go.
Got my fingers crossed for Ostinato Brass to complete my collection :thumbsup:


I could have bought extras for others, but didn't know how to transfer them. So I let it go.
Oh, you can't transfer them. @Zoot_Rollo and @SoNowWhat? literally sent me money so I could buy it myself at the reduced price Ostinato Woodwinds went to after the giveaway. I didn't know those two great guys at all but they were grateful for the work I put into my BF post.

There can sometimes be a lot of harsh talk on this forum--even meanness--but there is also so much generosity and kindness. It's really a beautiful place, and what I have learned from everybody here has changed my music and my life for the better. That is why I take the time to do this post and will try to keep doing them.

Got my fingers crossed for Ostinato Brass to complete my collection :thumbsup:
I could see a big discount on the Ostinatos during the 12 Days of Christmas sale. But, as they gave away Ostinatos over the last three years, I believe this year's freebie will be either a new product, or something nice from the @Sonokinetic BV catalog. It must cost them a lot of money to give away stuff with NI licenses. It would be nice if everybody who can afford it would buy a little something from Sonokinetic's highly discounted offerings during the holiday season, because that company rocks.

David Cuny

Still recovering from Black Friday.
Don't recall if Toontrack has dedicated BF deals, but in mid-late December they usually run a series of single-product deals that they reveal one day at a time, and are only good for one day each. As I recall, they're mostly limited to MIDI packs and expansions, but the discounts are pretty significant.
They've also deeply discounted one of their EZKeys instruments during that time.

Rob Elliott

Senior Member
This list is also cool because it brings to my attention stuff I didn't even know existed. I'd never heard of Sound Provocation before, but that Vocaltheque library sounds pretty darned interesting for forty bucks!
do you have a link on this - did I miss that in the 'list'?