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[Thread] AMD/Intel CPU 2019


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I don't think they nailed it, they keep on adding more cores tied to the master I/O core, which is more or less exactly how multiple physical CPUs on a single motherboard would behave, which means NUMA latency is very much a thing, and IS going to impact real-time performance... They would need to completely overhaul the way their CPUs are designed to combat this, I fear (and that's probably not happening, they're going to milk this design for as long as they possibly can)...
But the beauty of that is Intel doesn’t know or care about our needs for the best single core performance, so AMD is scaring them into releasing designs they had for future phases of released SKUs.
Now we can sit back and enjoy the competition.

So please, everyone rave about how great AMD is so the analytic collectors can tell Intel they need to pick it up.



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It’s nice knowing the CPU can handle liquid nitrogen.
IPC, it’s all I’m interested in.


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IPC is one of the most important factors for our use-case, but as @EvilDragon mentioned, the core-cache synchronization is important too. If this is not fast enought, you will not be able to saturate the CPU load. That's one of the reasons why the current Threadripper CPUs are not an optimal solution for DAWs.


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“it’s said” and “according to” are becoming tiresome remarks.
I have so many PCs now I can’t justify buying a 3700X just to see.
ScanAudioPro will tell me all I need to know.
And even so I want a live CPU.
It’s okay if it craps out at 75%.
It’s what happens from 0-74% that I’m interested in.

I’m a low watt big cache kind of guy.
Hell I don’t even want more than a Quad.

If I don’t like the test results from ScanAudio or TechReport I’ll just get that cheap little i3 8350k and the ASRock Rack Q370.
4.0GHz on ant Intel Core is good enough for me.

Besides, it’s been a few years since I had a box office hit.
My needs are meager in comparison to those times.
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