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[Thread] AMD/Intel CPU 2019


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Happy to see someone using AMD here. What's your actual CPU?
By the way, very nice move from AMD to keep AM4 socket for this new gen. A lot of people will save money on motherboards.
Also less confusion. I hate constant platform changes.


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I’m hoping the 3700X can layer multiple sounds like Intels can.
The 65 watt TDP on 3700 is impressive, but ScanPro will determine its worthiness.
If not my 4790k’s will last until the new 10nm Intels are out after CES 2020.

ED do you see any difference from 128 to 256?
I don’t notice any on my rig but it goes from 256 being fine to 512 having difficulty with 4 way layered EPianos.

Just Curious


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You mean latency-wise? Yeah when playing guitar live through ampsims I can feel the latency at 256 and above. 128 is quite alright with me.


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I’m reading up on why NUMA slowed down Threadrippers, Zen 1 and EPYC.
According to a few people NUMA is history in Zen 2.

Also in the keynote the CEO said that the larger cache was to improve gaming performance.

So here’s hoping that helps out for audio.


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TB2 or TB3?
I think that was still unspecified. They haven't added the motherboards in their webpages yet, so detailed specs are missing. I would be surprised if it was TB2 and not TB3.

EDIT: And the board I was talking about was Asrock Creator X570, it has 2 TB type-C ports. I think they even had an ITX or MATX board with 1 TB port.
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Except it's not, it's still there because of the chiplet design which is essentially the same thing.

Larger cache can somewhat compensate for NUMA latency but not completely.
Since I don’t really know the design well enough I couldn’t ask questions, but I can vouge for Cache and audio, but that too probably depends on the design.
At least with Intels every time a larger cache was added I noticed.
Last time was the disabled cache meant for the iGPU on the i7 5775C.

Add a video card and the cache becomes available for the CPU. It was 128MBs and slow @ 1800MHz. Overclocking would crash after the cache hit 2200MHz since it clocked with the CPU.

But stock @ 3.3GHz had the same power of the 4790k @ stock 4GHz.
But that’s Intel, I’ve never used AMD but look forward to audio benching,


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I am waiting with baited breath on this one too.

Time to upgrade my i7 4770K, 32GB RAM, ASUS RoG MF6 build to either an i9 Rig or a 12-Core Ryzen 9 in two months...


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I am waiting with baited breath on this one too.

Time to upgrade my i7 4770K, 32GB RAM, ASUS RoG MF6 build to either an i9 Rig or a 12-Core Ryzen 9 in two months...
same here buddy, same here. Z97 mATX right now, that Ryzen 9 is looking pretty sweet.


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there will be more Zen2 info then?
At least benchmark. I really hope for some new reveal (but I'm kind of dreaming right now.)
I'm really looking forward for threadripper because of my 128GB of ram. It's too long to wait... not clue when it will be announced : <


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I don't know if anyone has already seen this, but I've been an Intel user all my life, but the new Ryzens are really appealing its making me want to switch to AMD.

I'd really be curious how 3900x/3950x would do against a 9920x.
If the benchmark scores are close, Intels offerings would feel overpriced.(unless they reduce the price on them)
if we can get a solid 5ghz or more out of those top end chips with comparable thermals, it might be a great choice. Again, we will have to see some benchmarks. There is more to the CPU than just clock speed and cores.
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