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Thoughts on Venice Modern Strings?


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Here's a couple of Simple Runs. Yet to use them in a composition. Bearing in mind my limited programming experience & skill, I think they are fairly convincing. I'm sure others could do better, however I still have a lot to learn !

Is this done with the fast legato patch?


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There isn't a specific "Fast Legato" Patch. It's the 1st Violin Legato Patch with the "Legato Transition Speed" control turned up to Fast (ish). I also layered in a tiny bit of Staccatissimo.


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reviving this post.....this release surprises me....it's really quiet. not much talk about this. even no detailed walkthrough videos by software reviewers. hmm.....no love for this gem ?


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What is more interesting, a nifty string library made humble developer - or a bunch of stuff taped to a piano with the hip marketing of a flying death machine?

I've heard great things about light and sound chamber strings as well - but it just doesn't have the insane levels of marketing. I'm not in need of a string library(or really any library) but I'll definitely be waiting to see how dominus 2 ends up.
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