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Thoughts on Heavyocity's New Gravity Pack (02): Vocalise

Discussion in 'SAMPLE Talk' started by catsass, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Brendon Williams

    Brendon Williams Senior Member

    Apr 17, 2014
    +1 It'd be nice to actually hear more thoughts on the library.
  2. AlexandreSafi

    AlexandreSafi Senior Member

    Jan 31, 2014
    Lutry, Switzerland
    I just watched a bit of Daniel James's video presentation, such a great & entertaining guy, his immediate enthusiasm when he started playing the library sure wasn't lying! I love the sound & playability of the "performance palettes" as they're called! I could really imagine it having a huge impact on well-crafted melodies!

    The problem now is: It's an incredibly "seductive" tool (pun int.), especially for single composers with a romantic nostalgia, the voices are so memorable, hence recognizable that then--how do you avoid not sounding like everybody else who also bought them?!...
  3. Vovique

    Vovique Senior Member

    Aug 11, 2013
    I just bought this, and can't figure out how to tempo sync phrases in Kontakt. If it can' t be done, what do I do with 200 unsyncable vocal snippets, making Vocalise rather way too limited...
  4. Looking for feedback on this product. I personally do not use phrases in my music, but I do love and often use vocal ambient pads. How much of the product is dedicated to phrases vs sustains vs pads/sound design? Is it worth grabbing if you do not plan on using a single phrase? Are the pads/sound design unique or can they be achieved with omnisphere. I guess what excites me is the possibility of swirling and pulsing vocal ambient pads, but I wonder if its really that unique? Unfortunately from the demos I've watched I'm still undecided as they seem to focus a lot on the phrases and less on the sound design/pad aspect of the instrument.
  5. SeattleComposer

    SeattleComposer Senior Member

    Sep 3, 2014
    It is extremely easy to add movement of all sorts with this. Did you watch Daniel James' demo? At the half off price, I wouldn't hesitate.
  6. Rob Elliott

    Rob Elliott Senior Member

  7. jtnyc

    jtnyc Senior Member

    Mar 5, 2013
    $49 at NI's site until March 3rd
  8. G.R. Baumann

    G.R. Baumann Senior Member

    Apr 19, 2011
    NW-Atlantic Coast
    Bottom line is as simple as this, you like a product and find the price attached worth the money, or you don't find the price attached worth it. You with me?

    How about a price bitchin forum where anyone can vent his anger on prices too high or feeling ripped by later promotions of the same product he bought for a higher price? Hey, we live ina a predator capitalist world, if you want to seriosuly complain about that, "start a war" against central bankers and their financial fascism dictate.

    Good Lord, these are Kontakt libraries for f__ks sake, not groceries to feed your family. Start a revolution once the price for food, water and energy takes 2/3 of your income, but do spend your time more wisely perhaps, you only have that in a limited amount available.

    Imagine the last breath you took would have exhaled while bitchin about a Kontakt library price.

    He died complaining bitterly about the price of a Gravity pack. RIP Then you reach the doors to heaven, and guess what.... "Oh no, pleeeease, not THAT guy!" :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  9. G.R. Baumann

    G.R. Baumann Senior Member

    Apr 19, 2011
    NW-Atlantic Coast
    Ouch.... I was just about to hit the purchase button, but without that feature, it would be too much of a limitation to me.
  10. Vovique

    Vovique Senior Member

    Aug 11, 2013
    I bounce to audio and time stretch(. But seriously, Kontakt's time stretching power could've been to much better use...
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  11. Rob Elliott

    Rob Elliott Senior Member

    Perhaps a 'paid update' feature add (I'd pay to save time). ;)
  12. musicman61554

    musicman61554 Senior Member

    May 4, 2014
    This sale rocks. Purchased it yesterday and WOW truly amazing. Daniels video helped me to decide. Buy it PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Vovique

    Vovique Senior Member

    Aug 11, 2013
    I put Gravity in my NI shopping cart. But now I'm listening to Natural Forces audio demos and hear similar awesomeness, then I'm remembering some users referring to it as "Gravity Lite". Is it like 1/4 of content for 1/4 price, or the full Gravity's sounds are of a much greater variety?
  14. Whatisvalis

    Whatisvalis Senior Member

    Aug 4, 2013
    New York
    There's no designer in Natural Forces and the Sting / transition section is pretty limited to what I would imagine is in Gravity.

    This is an expansion so in terms of sample content I'm assuming it's new and does not appear in Gravity.
  15. kof gadol

    kof gadol Senior Member

    Nov 6, 2011
    Old thread, but still relevant question .... I've been looking at getting the first Vocalise (Vocalise 2 requires a higher version of Kontakt than I want to go just yet), if for no other reason than the phrases -- I love that kind of thing and these seem very well done.

    But I understand that they are not tempo syncable, nor is the tempo at which they were recorded noted in the folder or nki names (they way the musical key is).

    Makes me wonder, how, then, do you use these, without a bunch of messing around (trimming phrases, trial and error), in an existing project? Or even in a new project which you write around a chosen phrase, if you don't know what tempo to set the project to? How would you combine two phrases if they aren't neccessarily in time even with each other?

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