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Third Party EXS odd after Logic update??



We've been scratching our heads about this at the studio, so hopefully one of you knows what's going on?

In short, we have a number of third-party EXS24 instruments which worked perfectly fine in Logic 9. Upon updating to Logic X, though, a good number of those EXS24 instruments, especially those from old Giga libraries, aren't connecting; when trying to open one, we will get the error message < EXS24 instrument "INSTRUMENT_NAME.exs": Audio file "INSTRUMENT_NAME.wav" not found! >

If we then try to open that same exact patch in Logic X, it will open without a hitch, and then all subsequent reopenings of that patch in Logic 9 or Logic X will work just fine.

We've uninstalled and reinstalled 9; uninstalled and reinstalled X; reset all the applicable EXS folders (like in the Application Support/Logic s); redone aliases; redone symbolic links; imported known healthy folders from otherwise identical computers, and probably some more things I can't remember off the top of my head at the mo'.

None of this works. 9 still refuses to see a bulk of our EXS24 patches until we first open them up in X.


Have any of you encountered this before? What exactly is going on? o_O


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Never had any issues like that. But maybe the new update 10.4.2 could help as it's now possible to locate the EXS library on other than system drives and set a direct connection to that drive. Just a thought...


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Unfortunately, can't update to 10.4.2 on that computer at the moment - and the computer that is on 10.4.2 never had that problem. However, I do believe that it stands a good chance of fixing the issue if/when I can implement. I guess we'll see...

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What OS version are you running?

There are some issues with a previous Logic version (or versions?) under High Sierra not finding some instruments and template files. I believe that's fixed now, but I wonder whether that's related.

It has to do with symbolic links not working.

And I bet you think I have the faintest idea what those are. :)
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