Thinkpad P52 as main machine. + optionally adding a slave later. Opinions?


Hello all,
I am considering getting a new setup. I don't need to work from the road all the time but sometimes. So I definitely need a laptop. I considered a Thinkpad X1 Extreme, but I can get the P52 considerably cheaper, and I like the numeric keypad (and the hopefully better thermals). It's heavier though. But I am not constantly on the road, so that would be ok-ish.

1. Any experiences with the P52 for audio use (cubase is my DAW, doing mostly film scoring)? What about DPC latency?

2. Would you recommend using a laptop as main machine and expanding it via VEP-slave for larger projects?

The other option would be going with a lower spec'ed laptop like X1 Carbon or one of the T Series (it doesn't have to be a Thinkpad, but I heard good things about them in general), and at the same time getting a powerful main rig for the studio.

But I like the idea of having one single machine (and the idea of not spending money on two devices at the same time).

Thanks for your insights!


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I have an older (Gen 5?) Thinkpad, i7, SSD, 16 gigs of ram that I bought used for a really good price. I don't use it as my main system but I use it to compose while travelling. Honestly it works great, I'm running lots of instances of big sample libraries and it does pretty well.


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It can work, but except limitations on project size. Not sure what your music projects look like but generally laptops are great for traveling sketches, as mentioned above.

Even a newer beefy, small form factor laptop wont touch the performance of a mid level Desktop. CPU and cooling are the biggest drawbacks of laptops. Again they work GREAT in the right context.