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Thinking of buying Spitfire chamber strings/brass/winds collection. Yay or nay?



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Anyone have any thoughts on VSL's woodwinds? I have their special edition and to be honest I feel like their woodwinds are really good, especially their bassoon. I just feel their oboe is basically unusable for me. Also I liked the idea of getting all Spitfire so that everything can be placed in the same 'space', but otherwise i have to say VSL is pretty good, no?


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The woodwinds are VSL's best. Still, the bumpy crossfades made them unusable for me too, not just the oboe.


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I made this woodwind legato comparison video a few months back.
Nice comparison. I have BWW, but have a hard time with the phasing, still, that chorus-like effect. In your video it's obvious that SWW doesn't have this, except for the longs, but in the first two examples Spitfire sound so much cleaner. I might agree that the BWW legato is slightly better though, but I'd rather get rid of the phasing.
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