Thinking of buying HS Gold to blend with Adagio Violins and other string libraries

Neil Parker

New Member
I wondered if any users can chip in if it is possible to blend HS Gold with other string libraries or if you need the extra mics with Diamond to get it to blend well

I would be using the Adagio Violins and blending them with HS violas and cellos, possibly basses

I came across a GOT cover on Youtube by Doctormix and it piqued my interest, I know primarily Adagios are used for hybrid scoring, but it sounded quite good to me in a orchestral context mixed with HS, I am assuming Diamond was being used so not sure what mics were used, Adagio had close and far mics loaded

The reason I am curious is because HS is on sale and has the best discount I have seen
but I can only get Gold atm, I might be be able to get Diamond during December if Eastwest have a sale then, which knowing Eastwest they most likely will lol, but if Gold blends fine with other string libraries, I will prob just get Gold or Silver

Any advice would be much appreciated