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The VI-Control app - Does anyone actually use it?

Mike Greene

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There's a VI-Control app for ios and android. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vi-control-forum/id1190657639?ls=1&mt=8

It costs 99 cents (I think) and I was going to make it free instead, since ain't nobody gonna get rich selling a VI-C app for a buck. There is some effort and cost in keeping the app going, though. Not a lot, but before I commit to that ... is anyone actually using it? I have it installed on my iPhone, and it seems nice, but I'm not sure it has any benefit over just using Safari (my web browser.)

If there's enough interest, I'll keep it going. Otherwise ...

Lassi Tani

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I installed it first, but stopped using it, because it's faster to start Chrome on phone and go to Vi Control. I guess it would make more sense, if the screen of phone would be small, but nowadays with the big screen phones, it shouldn't be problem to just use it through a browser.


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I'm generally a fan of native apps - as long as they are not just a sophisticated browser window. Meaning, since XenForo has quite a usable interface on mobile, I would get rid of it. It is badly developed, looks like a 5-Minute overpaid job and has no additional value.

If there would be any additional Value to it, custom design e.g. Night Mode or just be more than just a Browser - then maybe. But in it's current state - nope.


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Used it for a bit when it was just released, but just as a few others where saying, via the browser it actually works smoother.


Luke Johnson
I haven't bought it as I didn't really see the need. What is the purpose of it as logging via IOS Safari works fine.


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Never used it, but since I've never had a problem using the mobile site, the app hasn't seemed relevant.


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When it was first released was there not a concern about data privacy ? There were other questions that unfortunately went unanswered.

I don't use it. I would say kill it.


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Bought it... U can ditch it, Mike...long ago I created a direct link to the forum on my screen in chrome and that's faster so I removed the app

Desire Inspires

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Discontinue the VI Control app.

Most apps are worthless.

Why use an individual app to visit websites instead of just using Safari or Chrome to access websites?


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Not that I really care, but the app works great for me on IOS. Loads fast and no need to open safari and navigate to a bookmark...

EDIT: I just A/Bed the app to Safari on my iPhone and on Safari it does indeed load faster and feels snappier all around.
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