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"The Shinobis" Album - The Sengoku Incident; The Shinobis - Main Theme


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Good day all, it's been a while i've not posted my stuffs. I'm trying a new orchestral template for my upcoming abum. Would like to hear some comment on the mix. Appreciate if you guys can chime in and feedback. Thanks

Libraries and plugins used are
1) Cinematic Studio Strings
2) Cinematic Studio Brass
3) Berlin Woodwinds
4) Auddict Woodwinds
5) Spitfire Perucssions
6) True Strike
7) Stormdrum 2
8) Galaxy Vintage D Piano
9) Cineharps
10) EWQL SO Gold (for some percussions)
11) Reverb: SP2016 Stereo Room Vintage
12) Ozone 8
13) Fabfilter EQ

"The Sengoku Incident; The Shinobis - Main Theme"
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